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Composing Vocal tunes has been my hobby since around 3 years now. The tune as it is, when produced vocally, may not make sense to many people who are listening to it. Hence, as an effort to make the Tune more reachable, I started fitting some words into the tune. Gradually I realized that people would laugh at the words, more than appreciating the tune, if at all the words made no sense to them.

This provoked me to transit to the next phase of writing meaningful “lyrics” to fit my tune, everytime I made a tune and I wanted to show it to someone. Co incidentally,  I could frame some meaningful imaginations into all of the tunes, if not out of box words! Slowly, I realized I was actually making my own “songs”. Recorded around 4-5 compositions of mine and shared it with the wide network among my friends. Some of the compositions backed with good lyrics, got some unexpected appreciation like “steal worthy composition.. wish I had composed it“[Raghu Dixit] , “Very good lyrics“[Dayal Padmanabhan] etc.

But still, the greatness of the composition which I could see in my songs, wasnt reaching to the masses! Ofcourse, why would  they bother to imagine how would it look with better singing and instruments backing it up???

This was the provoking factor for me to assume the position of a Music Director. The only experience I have is Confidence. Decided to shell out some Money too, in making an Kannada Music Album composed, written, sung and directed by ME ! There is a joke which reads as “He is the writer, he is the composer, he is the director, he is the actor, he is the singer…. and finally he is the ONLY audience too 😉 ” !  I only wish that the joke doesn’t become a fact in this case, as am doing this with passion, love , hopes , talent, patience, discoveries all mixed in various proportions.

abhishek s n

Kannada Music Album

One of my friend, who is also an Actress asked me, why do I have to shell out my money into music direction? My answer to her was very rude, but still it convinced her 🙂 Actresses who want to step in to the industry in a big way,  shell out money to get their portfolio done from photographers. When they have photos in hand, all they can do is that, they can show them off to directors. I thought Iam doing something similar, that Iam shelling out money to turn my own compositions into songs, which i can show off to bigger set of people later. But here is a difference too, compared to the former one 😉 The difference is that , I can atleast sell the music to atleast 10 people around me… whereas, those portfolio cant be sold. Ha Ha Ha yeah the conversation ended with a laughter from her side.

Ofcourse, unlike the example of the actress I gave,  its not a big wish for me to enter the industry as a Music Director only. I have been passionate about writing and photography too. Nowadays anyone with a simple digital camera can show off photography skills (or rather camera skills)  somehow. Everyone who “chats” and “write”s into the chat window can claim to be writers. Hence May be, thats the reason I felt more secure to choose the path of Music 🙂 LOL !

My plan is to have 7[SEVEN] songs in the album, each one to be different from the another and each one to be better than the other. People generally ask me the TITLE of this album. Iam very honest, that I havent thought of a suitable title. May be I would like pronounce the working title of this project as “SaraLa swaragaLa” (translated as “that which has simple notes“).

The next best question that I have to answer is, when can we listen to it.  Oh man.. quite simple…. My close friends would be listening to the bits daily. … Friends who are in less touch, could listen to rough mixes whenever they get in touch.  Hmm Ha Ha Ha OK.. I know the question is, when is the release!? Hmm , I plan to release it in FEB 2012. But ofcourse, this is only if I get support from Audio companies and Distributors. Dont expect me to do even that.  Iam sure I would be tired financially and effort wise, with just the music part of it, by JAN 2012 😉 !

FUTURE is unknown!
But a promise made, writes the consequences of the FUTURE!
– abhishek ! 

The promise from my side is that, I would definitely get out a wonderful musically very rich and genuine album on to your ears.

After sharing so many paragraphs of information and also making a big promise for you guys, I have just one request to make. Please support the music director inside ME to reach you. Help me get my work out to people. Wishes are not enough. Actions are essential to change the trend. Support can be as simple as Reading this blog, reacting with a comment, sharing it with friends, retweeting the tweet, letting friends know about it personally, getting me new leads in the audio industry which could potentially help me ease the process. Thanks everyone, in advance.

Coming soon, a blog about the experiences of making the music album 🙂 Keep tuned ! Catch me here :


Predicting whether an audio album would be a superhit, or hit or avg or whether it goes away unnoticed is hard anytime. But here is a movie for which we can say, the movie would get the best possible support from music even before the music release has happened !

How is it possible? Which is that movie?

Before answering these questions, let me tell you just one thing.

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Haan, Now I think you would have already believed my words! But now that I already have plans of completing this audio-preview, I shall do it ! 😉
Just Maath Maathali” is Sudeep’s next movie, for which Raghu Dixit owns the Music department. I used to listen to the half done tracks since they evolved, as I keep visiting Raghu Dixit at his studio. I always had a very good opinion about the tunes of JMM. But now, he has finished composing and recording of 6 songs for it, and it would be out in markets soon !

One unique stuff about JMM is that, every song looks like, to be a title song, because the phrase,  “just maath maathali” is at a prominent place in the lyric of all songs in this album.

Just Maath Maathalli, She stole my heart away… is supposed to be the main title song, as the JMM phrase comes atleast 12 times in the song 😉 RD, excuse me if my count was wrong ! This is an extremely beautiful track, sung by RD himself. The song starts off in typical RD style (am probably referring to psycho here), but when the phrase JMM starts repeating, it really steals your heart away and moreover RD had showed his voice-range again in this track.
Now this tune gets more special, because RD has  sung the Reprise of it too, just that, now its seems to be in a Sad mood and with less tempo. The words, “Idu kanaso nanaso? kaNhaniyo arivo ?” sounds touching!

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Din’t I speak about the heroine of this movie? Oops.. Yes, I did a mistake! Heroine is one of my favourites.. Yes, Ramya ! Oooo Ooo Oooo Oooo! Why am I “Ooo”ing so much!? Oh man! it just comes naturally 😉 ! Yes, Ramya deserves a solo song to act for in this movie, and Raghu Dixit has done the magic for her too. The song “Yello“, with fast beats, has been sung marvellously by “Saindhavi” of Mussanje Rangalli(Psycho) fame. The song starts of with background “Oooo”ing in RD’s voice in an interesting tune(tune is mindblowing), and also follows at places in the song, with haLLi kannada style Rapping (with JMM phrase) in his voice. Saindhavi takes up the melody part in this song excellently.

Right after this, I heard the Travel song. Looks like this song would get picturised in London, and hence you can see the best use of Bagpiper-ish background music for this song. It starts with the lyrics “marubhoomiyallu“,  sung by Karthik, who has an excellent voice, but has somewhat imitated Raghu Dixit’s style of singing in the song! But ofcourse, nothing negative, as he has added his value to the song, by giving the “perfection” touch to the song. Karthik was the perfect choice for the song is what I felt. The beats with the music and karthik’s voice, when he says “Heege Just Maath Maathalli“, and the way the bagpiper picks up from there, in this song is really awesome.

Raghu Dixit Rocks…
! Yes, we all know that.. why suddenly? Lol.. That’s because, the next song I heard was a Stage performance Rock song. “Just Maath Maathalli, Just KaNkaNNalli” rock song, starts off with the singer making the audience sing “Na.. Na Na Na Na” (just as in RockOn.. ofcourse different tune boss!) and then the singer starts of with his Electric Distortion Guitar. Singer of the song is none other than Raghu Dixit again! Middle of this song has a surprise… Lakshmi Manamohan, of “Ee Touchali” fame, has 2 soft lines to sing in this song too!

Last but not the least, is an exciting news! Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye.. Huh!? Bollywood song yaake banthu eega? Ofcourse, for Benny Dayal! Benny Dayal’s second song in Kannada (other one is from LoveGuru movie) is from JustMaathMaathali. This song is very very different song… You can listen to a different mood of music in this song. The song makes you involve so much in to it, that a little bit of distraction would create some dissatisfaction in you and would make you listen to the song from START again! Benny Dayal does a very good job with Kannada too. The way he sings “Baanallu neene.. Bhuviyallu neene” lines in the song is impressive!

And yes, that was the end of JMM track listening session for me! But the tracks are still echo-ing in my ears! Iam sure this would be the superhit album of 2009.

Hats off RD. In my earlier preview of RD’s Superman tracks (Click here), I remember having mentioned, “Look, A R Rahman of Kannada is here! Catch him“!, and now my above preview supports this Quote again!

Its been complete 8 months now, since I have known Raghu Dixit personally as my friend. If you want answers to how was my experience when I met him the first time, look at this :

Hmm back to Business now 😉 ! This blog would be all about my experience with the tracks of SUPERMAN movie which I heard today at Raghu’s place.



Superman is a movie being made keeping Prajwal Devaraj and Radhika Pandit in lead roles, directed by Prabha. The most interesting part of the movie is, Raghu dixit is the music director of the movie !

As of today, Raghu is done with all the tunes, and has finalised/recorded one of the songs completely. The rest of the songs would be finalised very soon. I visited Raghu personally today to have a preview of the album in his studio/house.

Here is an exclusive preview of the outstanding songs in the album!

There would be 8 songs in the movie totally. Out of which Raghu would sing 2 of them finally. Another impressive factor about this movie album is that, Vishaal (Vishaal-Shekar bollywood fame) has sung a song in the movie.

Minuminuguva Nakshatra is a peppy song with western rock effects with the typical “Raghu Dixit” kind of tune to it! This is song sung by Vishaal. The song starts with a “launch note”, and hence seems to be an introduction song. The perfect bang-bangs in the song and the tune impressed me too much. This is even the title song of the movie!

Ee Manavu is a duet song. Wow, I kept thinking about A R Rehman, all through the song. Dont ask me explanations here… ! “A R Rehman” word says it all i guess ! Haricharan and Saindhavi have been teamed up for this duet and they have ended up in creating a more magical song than it was with their combination in Psycho.

Its a superlife.. is the song, which seems like a montage song, sung by Shwetha Mohan . Her voice sounds like Slow poison.. Hee Hee, ofcourse, in the positive sense.. ! The line “its a superlifeee” keeps echoing now and then in the song in “masth”-manner !! Its sung by Raghu Dixit. This is the song which would have the voices of Radhika Pandit and Prajwal devraj recorded for the song. Very good song.

Wait Wait… Are you thinking, Why am I praising all those songs ?? ! I have no other way.. I tried to be a CRITIC .. But seriously friends, all of the songs seems to be perfect and I would love to give 10 out 10 for the album. But lets just wait for the mastered copy to get released and then give the points 😉 ! What say ? ! Lets get back to review part now 😉 !

Nalinaliva ..This song is a slow – dream song. Play this song and close your eyes… You surely be in a different world. I liked the way, a very unique kind of western humming happens in the middle of charaNa.(unique to kannada songs).

Ha Ha Ha. He He He.. DankaNakaNNa DankaNaa.. ! Ayyo yenappa idu?? What happnd!? Ofcourse, Raghu Dixit’s next song is driving me mad ! Its an African-Jamaican DankanakkaNNa (foreign tappangucchi) song. The lyrics were not ready and hence Raghu had jammed the tune with his own funny and dummy lyrics. I would love to see this getting pushed first on Radio channels when the audio is released! Yes, I have a reason 😉 !

The Climax song is a  completely DIFFERENT song which seems to be a stage performance of the actress on stage in the movie! Its a complete “western-classical Orchestra” song. Iam very much excited about this song as this song would be recorded in kaLasa studios in Chennai and would be a recorded with a LIVE 60 PIECE WESTERN ORCHESTRA. The western violin steals the show in the music along with the piano tunes. Iam sure a huge applause for this great effort is awaiting to reach Raghu.

The 8th song, ( Iam sorry, this is the last 😦 ..! WANT MOOOOOOOORE! but cant help .. hee hee ) is a song to be shown during the last scene and moves on to CREDITS of the movie. The best part about this is, a beautiful flute has been used in the song. I listened to this part of the song repeatedly in his studio. Loved it !

Truly an exceptional… Now begins, High hopes on the movie. “ALL the BEST” to Prajwal and rest of the team ! (No use of telling “all the best” to Raghu.. as the music has proved me that , its already the BEST ! 😀 )

I know there is one thing missing in this review.. thats the LYRICS.. Sorry friends, I cant comment about the lyrics.. Actually dint concentrate on that 🙂 . But Iam sure Raghu Dixit would have chosen the best of the lyrics in to his music ! 🙂

Raghu asked me finally, what do you think about the album? I was SHY to tell the TRUTH to him. I said its a very good album and it would be a hit ! Dont ask me, “Aaah? what did you mean!?!”. Read the next sentence 😉 !

THE Truth is here … “DUDE.!!. A R Rehman of kannada is here… Each of his Albums are fantastic.. and this one is exceptional..! Iam waiting to have my copy of the CD at home.. It would be a sure shot HIT music… DONT MISS IT FRIENDS” !

Iam sorry for “comparing” or addressing Raghu Dixit with A R Rehman… (bcoz every person/music director, has his own unique style)! But for me, A R Rehman is a genius.. and Hence its a personal comment !

So wait for the album to get released. Must be a month’s time for it to get released! Lets all enjoy this album together when it gets releases 🙂 ! Get ready to listen to the super 8 magical music tracks of Raghu.