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Its been 4 months since I published my previous blog “from composer to music director.. a much needed transition” (  I had explained in detail as to what were the root causes for me pitching in to music direction, in my previous blog. This blog is more or less an extension to the same, that I would be explaining my experiences working with this album.

First of all friends, I have decided to name the album as “NeraLaagi” (ನೆರಳಾಗಿ ) , which literally translates to “being like a shade” in english. To recollect, The album is being written, composed & directed by me, Abhishek S N. I have also sung a few songs in the album.

Abhishek S N

Abhishek S N singing for Neralaagi

While I started this whole new experiment, I assumed it would become a small budget music album with some beautiful tunes. But now the story is quite different. The album has grown into a huge music album which demands some very good publicity and reach. The reason is simple, its because of the confidence I earned through out the project.

Neralaagi would have 7 different songs of different genres. In each song you get to hear some fresh sounds, fresh tunes, fresh vocals too. To break the secret , I would like to mention the genres of each of the 7 songs.
1. Romantic Melody Male Solo
2. Romantic Slow Melody Female Solo
3. Romantic Melody Peppy Duet
4. Satirical Tappangucchi Dance
5. Romantic Slow Melody Duet
6. Indian heavy metal Rock
7.Romantic Male Pathos

Each song has been made with the limited knowledge of music and lyrics, whatever I have. But as an audience when I listen to each of the song, I can just say that each song is lovable, different from each other, catchy and impressive.

  • You would listen to voices of Great singers like Sadhana Sargam, Aishwarya Majmudar from Bollywood & Avinash Chebbi, Surpriya Acharya, Shashank Sheshgiri from Sandalwood in this album.
  • Ofcourse you would listen to 3 songs in my voice too.
  • Some of the great bollywood instrument players like Ustad Dilshad Khan(Saarangi) , Saarang Kulkarni(Sarod), Darshan Doshi (Live Drums), Abhijith (Guitar), Abhilash (Rhythmist) have worked on my compositions in this album.
  • You would listen to different set of sounds and instruments in each song, ranging from saxaphone , saarangi to Sarod and sitars! all LIVE! (not programmed stuff 😉 )
  • Bollywood mixing engineers like Nadeem Ansari , Shakeel ahmed and other mixing engineers would work on the tracks.

Iam planning to release this album “differently” during June End. Ofcourse, Iam not very sure about dates because Music is, as of now part time passion of mine, while other passions like  photography, screenwriting also take some priority during my free time. Ofcourse Cisco has been my bread for life and butter for this music album 😉 ! Will keep you guys posted. Until then some TO DOs for you 😀 :

  • please have a look at the posters below
  • let me know any leads/ideas for producing the CD production and distribution part 😉  (email : abhishek.snabhi @ )
  • ideas for distributing the digital media are also welcome (iTunes etc)
Last, but not the least, I would like to thank Swapnil Digde, who has been very supportive for the album, being a music arranger and programmer for this project.

Please let me know how are the (working)posters (designed by myself)!


Composing Vocal tunes has been my hobby since around 3 years now. The tune as it is, when produced vocally, may not make sense to many people who are listening to it. Hence, as an effort to make the Tune more reachable, I started fitting some words into the tune. Gradually I realized that people would laugh at the words, more than appreciating the tune, if at all the words made no sense to them.

This provoked me to transit to the next phase of writing meaningful “lyrics” to fit my tune, everytime I made a tune and I wanted to show it to someone. Co incidentally,  I could frame some meaningful imaginations into all of the tunes, if not out of box words! Slowly, I realized I was actually making my own “songs”. Recorded around 4-5 compositions of mine and shared it with the wide network among my friends. Some of the compositions backed with good lyrics, got some unexpected appreciation like “steal worthy composition.. wish I had composed it“[Raghu Dixit] , “Very good lyrics“[Dayal Padmanabhan] etc.

But still, the greatness of the composition which I could see in my songs, wasnt reaching to the masses! Ofcourse, why would  they bother to imagine how would it look with better singing and instruments backing it up???

This was the provoking factor for me to assume the position of a Music Director. The only experience I have is Confidence. Decided to shell out some Money too, in making an Kannada Music Album composed, written, sung and directed by ME ! There is a joke which reads as “He is the writer, he is the composer, he is the director, he is the actor, he is the singer…. and finally he is the ONLY audience too 😉 ” !  I only wish that the joke doesn’t become a fact in this case, as am doing this with passion, love , hopes , talent, patience, discoveries all mixed in various proportions.

abhishek s n

Kannada Music Album

One of my friend, who is also an Actress asked me, why do I have to shell out my money into music direction? My answer to her was very rude, but still it convinced her 🙂 Actresses who want to step in to the industry in a big way,  shell out money to get their portfolio done from photographers. When they have photos in hand, all they can do is that, they can show them off to directors. I thought Iam doing something similar, that Iam shelling out money to turn my own compositions into songs, which i can show off to bigger set of people later. But here is a difference too, compared to the former one 😉 The difference is that , I can atleast sell the music to atleast 10 people around me… whereas, those portfolio cant be sold. Ha Ha Ha yeah the conversation ended with a laughter from her side.

Ofcourse, unlike the example of the actress I gave,  its not a big wish for me to enter the industry as a Music Director only. I have been passionate about writing and photography too. Nowadays anyone with a simple digital camera can show off photography skills (or rather camera skills)  somehow. Everyone who “chats” and “write”s into the chat window can claim to be writers. Hence May be, thats the reason I felt more secure to choose the path of Music 🙂 LOL !

My plan is to have 7[SEVEN] songs in the album, each one to be different from the another and each one to be better than the other. People generally ask me the TITLE of this album. Iam very honest, that I havent thought of a suitable title. May be I would like pronounce the working title of this project as “SaraLa swaragaLa” (translated as “that which has simple notes“).

The next best question that I have to answer is, when can we listen to it.  Oh man.. quite simple…. My close friends would be listening to the bits daily. … Friends who are in less touch, could listen to rough mixes whenever they get in touch.  Hmm Ha Ha Ha OK.. I know the question is, when is the release!? Hmm , I plan to release it in FEB 2012. But ofcourse, this is only if I get support from Audio companies and Distributors. Dont expect me to do even that.  Iam sure I would be tired financially and effort wise, with just the music part of it, by JAN 2012 😉 !

FUTURE is unknown!
But a promise made, writes the consequences of the FUTURE!
– abhishek ! 

The promise from my side is that, I would definitely get out a wonderful musically very rich and genuine album on to your ears.

After sharing so many paragraphs of information and also making a big promise for you guys, I have just one request to make. Please support the music director inside ME to reach you. Help me get my work out to people. Wishes are not enough. Actions are essential to change the trend. Support can be as simple as Reading this blog, reacting with a comment, sharing it with friends, retweeting the tweet, letting friends know about it personally, getting me new leads in the audio industry which could potentially help me ease the process. Thanks everyone, in advance.

Coming soon, a blog about the experiences of making the music album 🙂 Keep tuned ! Catch me here :