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Being a Software Engineer since more than 7 years now, I have shown lot of love to Film Making and the sub functions involved within it. Although I have been associated with writing the script in couple of movies, I always wanted to write songs for those movies too. I may not be the best in kannada literature, but I love expressing emotions and situations through poems.

Back in my previous movie, Yogaraj But , I had missed the opportunity of writing a song, as none of the team had liked my lyrics then. But now I am happy to share with you that I have got a small opportunity of writing not just one song, but 2 songs for the movie Ondu Rupayalli Eradu Preethi (OREP). Iam also going to write one more bit song, which would be a part of re-recording (background score) Only. So that would get the count to 3, in fact 😉 !

Talking about OREP, the music has been beautifully composed by Ricky Kej. The director of the movie is my teacher, Dayal Padmanabhan. I have even been involved in the screenplay and dialog writing officially, for the movie. It stars Vijay Raghavendra, Ramya Barna and a new hero : sandeep too. Also has Raju Thalikote , Sihi Kahi Chandru etc

OREP poster

Coming to the songs that I have got to write in this movie, I have written 2 songs, each one completely different from the other.  The first song i wrote was, is a situational, funny, peppy and teasing song, which teases the hero about his love story. The song has been sung by the popular kannada singer Chaitra beautifully. The song starts as “ROTTIYU JAARI..”. Here is the song, please Listen to it. You can see some pictures of the Audio Release event, along with it.

The second song that I have written is in contrast to the first song. Its again situational, but this time emotional and its all about friendship. The best part about this is that, I wrote the lyrics in around 5-10 times, after listening to the tune first time. The another superb fact about this is that, this is sung by our hero Vijay Raghvendra himself. The song starts as “YAAVUDE SAMBANDHA BEKILLA”. Please listen to this too now.

Also, here is an article about me in TIMES OF INDIA website :

With this, I have started my journey as a lyricist too. Need your wishes and also please support by sharing these songs and the blog link with the friends.


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