NeraLaagi : ನೆರಳಾಗಿ : A multiple genre Kannada Music Album by Abhishek S N

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Its been 4 months since I published my previous blog “from composer to music director.. a much needed transition” (  I had explained in detail as to what were the root causes for me pitching in to music direction, in my previous blog. This blog is more or less an extension to the same, that I would be explaining my experiences working with this album.

First of all friends, I have decided to name the album as “NeraLaagi” (ನೆರಳಾಗಿ ) , which literally translates to “being like a shade” in english. To recollect, The album is being written, composed & directed by me, Abhishek S N. I have also sung a few songs in the album.

Abhishek S N

Abhishek S N singing for Neralaagi

While I started this whole new experiment, I assumed it would become a small budget music album with some beautiful tunes. But now the story is quite different. The album has grown into a huge music album which demands some very good publicity and reach. The reason is simple, its because of the confidence I earned through out the project.

Neralaagi would have 7 different songs of different genres. In each song you get to hear some fresh sounds, fresh tunes, fresh vocals too. To break the secret , I would like to mention the genres of each of the 7 songs.
1. Romantic Melody Male Solo
2. Romantic Slow Melody Female Solo
3. Romantic Melody Peppy Duet
4. Satirical Tappangucchi Dance
5. Romantic Slow Melody Duet
6. Indian heavy metal Rock
7.Romantic Male Pathos

Each song has been made with the limited knowledge of music and lyrics, whatever I have. But as an audience when I listen to each of the song, I can just say that each song is lovable, different from each other, catchy and impressive.

  • You would listen to voices of Great singers like Sadhana Sargam, Aishwarya Majmudar from Bollywood & Avinash Chebbi, Surpriya Acharya, Shashank Sheshgiri from Sandalwood in this album.
  • Ofcourse you would listen to 3 songs in my voice too.
  • Some of the great bollywood instrument players like Ustad Dilshad Khan(Saarangi) , Saarang Kulkarni(Sarod), Darshan Doshi (Live Drums), Abhijith (Guitar), Abhilash (Rhythmist) have worked on my compositions in this album.
  • You would listen to different set of sounds and instruments in each song, ranging from saxaphone , saarangi to Sarod and sitars! all LIVE! (not programmed stuff 😉 )
  • Bollywood mixing engineers like Nadeem Ansari , Shakeel ahmed and other mixing engineers would work on the tracks.

Iam planning to release this album “differently” during June End. Ofcourse, Iam not very sure about dates because Music is, as of now part time passion of mine, while other passions like  photography, screenwriting also take some priority during my free time. Ofcourse Cisco has been my bread for life and butter for this music album 😉 ! Will keep you guys posted. Until then some TO DOs for you 😀 :

  • please have a look at the posters below
  • let me know any leads/ideas for producing the CD production and distribution part 😉  (email : abhishek.snabhi @ )
  • ideas for distributing the digital media are also welcome (iTunes etc)
Last, but not the least, I would like to thank Swapnil Digde, who has been very supportive for the album, being a music arranger and programmer for this project.

Please let me know how are the (working)posters (designed by myself)!

  1. Pradeep says:

    Superb, and and an great effort with something new, i thing the confidence u earned is what u deserve, i wish u all the best and a great success, i too will help in publicity, do not worry about it.
    Overall and great turn and a new change as u thought.

  2. Congrats and all the best for the audio

  3. shilpa abhishek says:

    Woooow !!! Soooper blog covering almost all aspects of the music album… Being your better half/well-wisher/supporter, I am over-trilled and desperately waiting for the release. I wish all listeners receive this with joy, enjoy and give their feedback with happiness. All the best abhiiii 🙂 you would get what you deserve soon 🙂 I am always with you 🙂

  4. karthikbhat says:

    Abhi..posterGalu anthu superb… Haage HaaduGalu irali yenDu bayasuva ninna Hitaishi

    Karthik L

  5. Ranjith says:

    Congrats Abhi…All the Best

  6. snabhi says:

    thanks everyone for reading and replying 🙂 🙂 !!

  7. Vijay says:

    Nice way of conveying your passion and interest!

    Well, have listened to 6 songs (though not final output) and I can honestly say that all songs are beautiful, unique and lovely.

    I am sure music lovers will definitely like the songs once they are out.

    Eagerly waiting for music release which is the big day.

    Best wishes my friend. Keep rocking!


  8. rekha says:

    Awesome!! Waiting waiting…. For sure its gonna ROCK!!!

  9. snabhi says:

    thanks so much rekha and vijay

  10. Deepak says:

    hi abhi,

    all the best bro waiting for your album to release u’ll rock waiting to listen the INDIAN HEAVY METAL !!!! :):):):)

  11. Shrikrishna Bhat says:

    Super… !! congrats and all the best abhi… Waiting for music release…

  12. Vishwas says:

    All the best Abhi.. Am sure your efforts will not go in vain.. Have listened to couple of songs in the album, it has been my complete pleasure. I personally loved it completely. You have done a good job by bringing the greats from other industry to work in kannada. Happy for you and am sure people will love the quality of the album. As you have said publicity got to be the next biggest hurdle for you. I believe it is the most important part of the success of the project..
    We all are treating Neralaagi as OUR Album.. So feel free to ask any help (if required). We will be more than happy to help you make this the biggest Album in Kannada till date.. Cheers..:)..

  13. I wish you all the best abhi 🙂 … having heard couple of your compositions , i assure it is gonna be a super hit 🙂 ……………….

    May your tunes be hummed by millions 🙂

  14. snabhi says:

    thanks so so much everyone! very nice of you all

  15. Vijay Simha says:

    All The Best Abhishek and team.. God Bless..!!

  16. kathyayini ravikumar says:

    superr,waiting for the album kano ningen idea kododu naanu??yaarigu holide irodu ninge holitirutte 😀 anyway ene help bekidru am here 😉 all the best and posters are ultimate :))

  17. snabhi says:

    thanks very much!!! 😀 😀

  18. Sanjeev Ganjihal says:

    Abhi Congratulations for the Album “Neralaagi”. I feel poster 3 suits the Album Title. Also I am looking forward for the release of the Album 🙂 All the Best 🙂

  19. blog design is superb… ur rocking Abhi 🙂 Neralaagi nimage neralaagali.. am waiting for ur album “Neralaagi”. all the very very best….

  20. B.A.SANJEEV KUMAR says:

    First of all let me congratulate Abhi for doing such good work in the field of music.Why I am saying this is because most of them know that abhi is a Engineer by profession and its not easy to contribute time for other work when your main profession is a software job.Now,coming back to the album part,I wish abhi’s album is well heard by people all over n tis should become our “KANNADA KOLAVERI DI”. All the best abhi!!!!!!!!1

  21. snabhi says:

    thanks sanjeev!! 🙂

  22. Venkatesh says:

    Congrats Abhi 🙂 All d very best for “Neralagi” team. Being Software Engineer your passion towards music is too great.:) All the posters are too good especially this two, i loved it..

  23. Deepak says:

    Congragulations Abhishek, iam eagerly waiting for the album release, i have an small idea of cd production which i will mail u

  24. Avinav says:

    Super! Yeah lets give max publicity.. posters should be put throughout bangalore like films and should show that can be done for albums too.. Waiting for the final output.. Good luck, Rock on !!!! 😀

  25. snabhi says:

    hahaha interesting ! 😀

  26. Raju Kunnur. says:

    Wish you good luck n a great future…

  27. asha says:

    wishing your way with loads of luck and good wishes 🙂

  28. Murthuza hussain says:

    All the Best… Abhi…

    Send me the link abt ur recorded songs… 🙂

  29. Rakesh says:

    All the best Abhi, wish you a very good luck and Great success.

  30. KarunaShree.M.K says:

    🙂 Nimmella olleya aasakthi abhiruchigalu praamaanika shradheyutha prayathnavu yashassu kaanalendu bayasutha manasaare haarysuve .. 🙂

  31. Mahesh says:

    Wish you all the success for your album. I am eagerly waiting for the release and def i will promote in my network…best

  32. AKShay says:

    if your lyrics are matched with good tune, this album will succeed.

    Good luck all rounder 🙂

  33. Meena Dayal says:

    Hi !!!! good start for the sacred and the most noble mode of entertainment… waiting eagerly to hear the completed version with full effects (though heard them during initial stages….) I’m sure the lyrics with those beautiful and rare synonyms of words in use is going to make the change, of course your husky melodious voice… Keep rocking…!!! All the efforts with heart and soul will reach its heights…. All the best…..

  34. Yathish Gowda.B says:

    All the best Abhi..

  35. artistvally says:

    Lovley… ee album nimma neraLaagi iruthe..! All the best

  36. Rutvik says:

    hi words for u r creative…good luck..ofcourse hardwork will really pays…my heartful wishes to ur sincere effort….it will rock…u will rock…ur album is going to create history..all d best

  37. Malathesha. Sodad says:


  38. snabhi says:

    thanks so much all !

  39. Banuprakash says:


  40. Samanth says:

    All the very best Abhishek….!!!! We are all waiting to listen the songs…. Mean while Neralaagi album posters are superb!!! Great work 🙂

  41. snabhi says:

    Thanks so much everyone here

  42. […] NeraLaagi : ನೆರಳಾಗಿ : A multiple genre Kannada Music Album by Abhishek S N […]

  43. Srinivasan Arumugam says:

    Waiting for the album release maga Abhi .. All the best ..

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