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ROCKSTAR is the new album for the movie by A R RAHMAN ! Here I write a line about each track in the album. Read.

A R Rahman

Listen to the album ! very good album !

  • Phir se ud chala :starts with some chorus of girls in bgrnd in folk style and mohit chauhan rocking,blends heavy music in bground
  • Jho bhi main : Guitar is the hero of the song. looks like a live concert. crowd vocals r interesting!Mohit again impressive
  • Kateya karoon : looked funny to me.i was laughing till the song ended 😛 ! but the short music that comes between mukhadas r gud!
  • Kyun Faya Kun :Rahman starts like khwaja song with javed takes over & there is a jugalbandi effect too!Typical rahmanish
  • Sheher mein : Lively song. Mohit is probably again used coz to maintain’s ranbir’s singing voice always as mohit all thru movie!
  • Hawa Hawa : Violin+chorus+Retro feel+Arabian song feel together rocks and makes us dance!
  • Aur Ho :  Slow but Satarangi re Kind of song! Ending is usual rahmanish filled with super heavy music layers!
  • Tango for taj :  too impressive instrumental ! the instrument called “TANGO” is used superbly! follow up by piano is supportive!
  • Tum ko : The old roja and bombay days of Rahman can be recollected with this song DIFFERENT from other songs. nice sarangi too
  • The Dichotomy of Fame: instrumentl song! ,part of it resembles tune of old spirit of national integration DD1! But Shehnai peepi is super
  • Nadaan Parindey : Christmas Carol plus guitar plus drums combination in intro! Rahman sings beautifully! mohit is also ok!
  • Tum ho : beauty of old style Tum ko song in the album is changed to be a more impressive version in male voice! slow rock!
  • Sadda Haq  : the song of the album, Hard ROCK super heavy song! Loud song! Saddhaaaaa haq! superb !

My personal fav : Kyun Faya Kun and Tum Ho !!!

  1. shawkath khan says:

    One of the best album of ar rahman

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