Raghu Dixit’s “Just Maath Maathali”, yellara “Kivi Kiviyali” !

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Predicting whether an audio album would be a superhit, or hit or avg or whether it goes away unnoticed is hard anytime. But here is a movie for which we can say, the movie would get the best possible support from music even before the music release has happened !

How is it possible? Which is that movie?

Before answering these questions, let me tell you just one thing.

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Haan, Now I think you would have already believed my words! But now that I already have plans of completing this audio-preview, I shall do it ! 😉
Just Maath Maathali” is Sudeep’s next movie, for which Raghu Dixit owns the Music department. I used to listen to the half done tracks since they evolved, as I keep visiting Raghu Dixit at his studio. I always had a very good opinion about the tunes of JMM. But now, he has finished composing and recording of 6 songs for it, and it would be out in markets soon !

One unique stuff about JMM is that, every song looks like, to be a title song, because the phrase,  “just maath maathali” is at a prominent place in the lyric of all songs in this album.

Just Maath Maathalli, She stole my heart away… is supposed to be the main title song, as the JMM phrase comes atleast 12 times in the song 😉 RD, excuse me if my count was wrong ! This is an extremely beautiful track, sung by RD himself. The song starts off in typical RD style (am probably referring to psycho here), but when the phrase JMM starts repeating, it really steals your heart away and moreover RD had showed his voice-range again in this track.
Now this tune gets more special, because RD has  sung the Reprise of it too, just that, now its seems to be in a Sad mood and with less tempo. The words, “Idu kanaso nanaso? kaNhaniyo arivo ?” sounds touching!

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Din’t I speak about the heroine of this movie? Oops.. Yes, I did a mistake! Heroine is one of my favourites.. Yes, Ramya ! Oooo Ooo Oooo Oooo! Why am I “Ooo”ing so much!? Oh man! it just comes naturally 😉 ! Yes, Ramya deserves a solo song to act for in this movie, and Raghu Dixit has done the magic for her too. The song “Yello“, with fast beats, has been sung marvellously by “Saindhavi” of Mussanje Rangalli(Psycho) fame. The song starts of with background “Oooo”ing in RD’s voice in an interesting tune(tune is mindblowing), and also follows at places in the song, with haLLi kannada style Rapping (with JMM phrase) in his voice. Saindhavi takes up the melody part in this song excellently.

Right after this, I heard the Travel song. Looks like this song would get picturised in London, and hence you can see the best use of Bagpiper-ish background music for this song. It starts with the lyrics “marubhoomiyallu“,  sung by Karthik, who has an excellent voice, but has somewhat imitated Raghu Dixit’s style of singing in the song! But ofcourse, nothing negative, as he has added his value to the song, by giving the “perfection” touch to the song. Karthik was the perfect choice for the song is what I felt. The beats with the music and karthik’s voice, when he says “Heege Just Maath Maathalli“, and the way the bagpiper picks up from there, in this song is really awesome.

Raghu Dixit Rocks…
! Yes, we all know that.. why suddenly? Lol.. That’s because, the next song I heard was a Stage performance Rock song. “Just Maath Maathalli, Just KaNkaNNalli” rock song, starts off with the singer making the audience sing “Na.. Na Na Na Na” (just as in RockOn.. ofcourse different tune boss!) and then the singer starts of with his Electric Distortion Guitar. Singer of the song is none other than Raghu Dixit again! Middle of this song has a surprise… Lakshmi Manamohan, of “Ee Touchali” fame, has 2 soft lines to sing in this song too!

Last but not the least, is an exciting news! Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye.. Huh!? Bollywood song yaake banthu eega? Ofcourse, for Benny Dayal! Benny Dayal’s second song in Kannada (other one is from LoveGuru movie) is from JustMaathMaathali. This song is very very different song… You can listen to a different mood of music in this song. The song makes you involve so much in to it, that a little bit of distraction would create some dissatisfaction in you and would make you listen to the song from START again! Benny Dayal does a very good job with Kannada too. The way he sings “Baanallu neene.. Bhuviyallu neene” lines in the song is impressive!

And yes, that was the end of JMM track listening session for me! But the tracks are still echo-ing in my ears! Iam sure this would be the superhit album of 2009.

Hats off RD. In my earlier preview of RD’s Superman tracks (Click here), I remember having mentioned, “Look, A R Rahman of Kannada is here! Catch him“!, and now my above preview supports this Quote again!

  1. snabhi says:

    Pin your comments here friends

  2. Avinav says:

    really he deserve the title ‘kannada’s A.R.Rahman’…
    what a composition it was?… all songs were superb,mindblowing….hats off Raghu…u were so successful in getting such an output from u and ur singers…really a wonderful composition..dont get angry with me Raghu that i’m a waste fellow who dont write anything each time aftr listening session…nobody can express each and every moments spent with you like this guy,Abhi! …really a wonderful writing …each n every words showered the flowers on Raghu!… keep it up my friend!

  3. snabhi says:

    Thanks avinav.! That was sweet

  4. sunil says:

    Oh wow, kannada film industry needs such musicians, i can imagine the picturisation by ur naration, seems like this movie has all the ingredients to make it big.. in which music plays a big role
    RD u rock 🙂

  5. Aniket says:

    He is my favorite of all time after his 1st Album…he made it in psycho now yet again in JMM…
    Raghu ur great…
    ThanksAbhi for the article


  6. karthik l says:

    Its Amazing..Our kannada industry is bloomig… 🙂

  7. karthik l says:

    Nice writing Abhi.. 🙂

  8. Vijay says:

    Awesome review…
    waiting for Audio Release…Or Abhi, Let’s go to RD
    s studio once more and Listen :D, I will give my Feedback :P…
    Anyways, No Comparison with AR Rehman or whoever, I don’t like comparing with anyone…Everyone is Unique and Different and RD is Quite Unique and Fantastic…

    Wish your Just Math Mathali becomes Super Duper Hit…
    All the Best…

  9. snabhi says:

    @Vijay, I never compared A R Rahman 😛 ! Its a feeling which comes to the mind !

  10. sudi says:

    superb review abhi…, waitng for Audio release…,

  11. sudi says:

    all the best raghu for your future projects…,

  12. pavithra says:

    wish u all the best…….,

  13. prashanth says:

    Even i got a chance to listen few lines from of JMM frm none other thn RD, it sounded awesome!!no doubt thar JMM music gonna become superhit!!All the best RD!and thanks for giving such a nice music to all ur fans…:)

    asusual nice writeup Abhi:)

  14. shilpa says:

    Cool preview abhi !!!!!!!!!!

    Waiting to listen to JMM songs…. Hope the movie is also a hit (not like Psycho).


  15. Madhav says:

    Chennagide review Abhi.. nice writing..

  16. Raghu Dixit says:

    Thanks much to abhi for the review! And a bigger thanks to everyone else for all the support and love. Hope you will all buy the original CDs! That’s more important for people like me to survive in the industry! And that’s the only way good music will keep coming to you 🙂

  17. ಭರತ್ says:

    Thanks for the info and review Abhi, totally agree that he is the ARR in Kannada Industry. And also will become RD RD Burman… 🙂

  18. Ajay says:

    cool review maga,,,, 😀

    looking forward for RD’s Composition…… after an awesome album & BGM in Psycho [:D] hope the movie will be a HIT….

  19. Ajith says:

    Advance congratulations for d biggest hit…

  20. naveen says:

    good review dude….hope even the movie too will be as good as the album….Abhi very good job, keep rocking.. n all the best for KANNADA INDUSTRY 🙂

  21. sandesh gowda says:

    hi raghu psycho is beautyfull i love all songs

  22. Shiv Shankar says:

    Abhi RD is like a boon to kannada film industry,he has the superb texture in voice which directly touches the heart of so many ppl in a single shot,So im waiting for the music of JMM to hit the stores so tat i can hear the songs.

    All the Best RD u rock ,& Abhi Great Writing.

  23. Ravi says:

    RD simply superb

  24. Avinash says:

    Gud stuff Abhishek… for sure the readers will expecta lo from jus maatmaatali after reading ur post!! 🙂 keep writing!! cheers!!

  25. vinaywestcoast says:

    This is a good postive review… I am waiting to hear to hear those tracks..

    I wonder why Rajesh Krishnan was not used, sudeep and RK are good frnds and RK always got chance to sing in sudeep’s movie..

    • snabhi says:

      Guruve.. irode 5 haaDu 😀 adralli 2 haaDu RDne haaDidaare.. innondu Female song..
      Mikka yeraDu geethegaLa Styleu, may be it doesnt suit RK. you can decide when it gets released

  26. snabhi says:

    Thanks everyone for replying

  27. Avinav says:

    oho welcome!! 😉

  28. Shrikrishna says:

    Good one abhi… waiting for Audio Release…
    Hope sudeep will be on coz of RD’s music…!!! 🙂

  29. Gautam says:

    hey abhishek!

    we listened to the songs together right! i’m spellbound at your mindblowing, amazing memory power buddy! 🙂

    i didn’t see you making note of anything while listening, but after reading this review of yours, i realised you were making note of everything in your sub-conscious mind!

    this is the best and the most apt review for RD’s “JMM” .. the songs are mesmerising 🙂

    RD surely rocks! 🙂

    let all of us wish him all the very best..i’m sure this movie’s songs are going to rock the box office 🙂

  30. Gururaja V says:

    Nice review.. waiting for the music album to release. Congrats Raghu for bringing Kannada Film Music a new dimension.

    Benny Dayal has sung few more songs earlier than this. Hadu Bam Bam Bole from Mast Maja Madi
    Rab Ne Bana Diya Jodi from Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi,
    Tangaali Tandeya and Yaru Kooda from Love Guru..

  31. snabhi says:

    Oh thanks Guru for the info.. gotthirlilla

  32. Naveen says:

    Hi Nice Review,
    It’s always a special feeling listening to Namma Rahu Dixitru.. 🙂 Well i have all songs which are sung by him starting from his mix of hindi and kannada songs !!!
    Guys just listen to the below songs if you find it–
    1. Gudugudiya sedi nodu !!!
    2. Well I’m in mumbai and I’m waiting for a miracle !!
    3. soruthihudu maneya malligi anyayadinda agnanadedege !!

    All are mind blowing !! Music is uncomparable to any budding music director .. RD Rocks!!!!:)

  33. Chandhu says:

    thanx for info !!!!!!!!!!! sudeep & RD rox !!!!!

  34. Sanjay says:

    Thanx for your info boss… wanna hear audio………….

  35. jeevan says:

    this film will become bolckbuster in 2009

  36. arjun says:

    good preview . and movie should blast over all karnataka

  37. Sarvesh S says:

    When is the music going to be released, no news about superman or Just Math Mathalli.

  38. jagadishraaj says:

    just heard the songs of JustMM

    just average music,sorry! nothing 2 boost of,not even 12% of psycho-it was ages ahead,
    The lyrics very schoolboysh.out of 6 songs only ‘Baanina Haniyu’ presence was felt.

    And the ‘Rock ON’ ape song ‘Ee Kanninalli’-desperate attempt,
    Sudeep- cant he think of something original,the inlay card says “a KICCHA film”,he cant even get a original nickname,–Cheyan Vikram… Kichha Sudeep ..AAh

  39. Adithya says:

    @ song “Yello“, with fast beats, has been sung marvellously by “Saindhavi” of Mussanje Rangalli(Psycho) fame :-

    Bro I wasn’t able to get this version sung by Saindhavi instead got Shreya Goshal’s song…..could you tell me where u heard the one sung by Saindhavi?

  40. snabhi says:

    This was before 3 months 🙂 lot of things changed after this.. out of that, shreya replacing saindhavi was one thing.. benny dayal going off was another.. rajesh krishnan coming in, was yet another change 🙂

  41. HARI says:


  42. HARI says:


  43. sagar says:

    hi………….. movie is super…………………………………….no words to tell

  44. Suveer says:

    Extra ordinary songs….
    i’m listening these songs now always….
    The album comprises of all kinds of tracks Slow tracks, melodious, rock band and mixture of all kinds of songs….

    Hats off Raghu…
    i have all of your albums…..

    Huge fan of you……

  45. namratha says:

    Lovly quote 2 all my friends;
    Hurt me,
    Tease mo,
    Make me cry,
    BUT before the end of my life i wish to meet my darlin sudeep once………….

  46. chetan says:

    sir really i am great fan of u sir i just want to sing two lines in front of u sir

  47. vishrutha annigeri says:

    its juzz rockin man!!!!!!!

  48. Rakshit says:

    Could you please post the lyrics of the songs from Just Maat Mathalli, please. Thanks!

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