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Predicting whether an audio album would be a superhit, or hit or avg or whether it goes away unnoticed is hard anytime. But here is a movie for which we can say, the movie would get the best possible support from music even before the music release has happened !

How is it possible? Which is that movie?

Before answering these questions, let me tell you just one thing.

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Haan, Now I think you would have already believed my words! But now that I already have plans of completing this audio-preview, I shall do it ! 😉
Just Maath Maathali” is Sudeep’s next movie, for which Raghu Dixit owns the Music department. I used to listen to the half done tracks since they evolved, as I keep visiting Raghu Dixit at his studio. I always had a very good opinion about the tunes of JMM. But now, he has finished composing and recording of 6 songs for it, and it would be out in markets soon !

One unique stuff about JMM is that, every song looks like, to be a title song, because the phrase,  “just maath maathali” is at a prominent place in the lyric of all songs in this album.

Just Maath Maathalli, She stole my heart away… is supposed to be the main title song, as the JMM phrase comes atleast 12 times in the song 😉 RD, excuse me if my count was wrong ! This is an extremely beautiful track, sung by RD himself. The song starts off in typical RD style (am probably referring to psycho here), but when the phrase JMM starts repeating, it really steals your heart away and moreover RD had showed his voice-range again in this track.
Now this tune gets more special, because RD has  sung the Reprise of it too, just that, now its seems to be in a Sad mood and with less tempo. The words, “Idu kanaso nanaso? kaNhaniyo arivo ?” sounds touching!

Just Maath Maathalli

Just Maath Maathalli

Din’t I speak about the heroine of this movie? Oops.. Yes, I did a mistake! Heroine is one of my favourites.. Yes, Ramya ! Oooo Ooo Oooo Oooo! Why am I “Ooo”ing so much!? Oh man! it just comes naturally 😉 ! Yes, Ramya deserves a solo song to act for in this movie, and Raghu Dixit has done the magic for her too. The song “Yello“, with fast beats, has been sung marvellously by “Saindhavi” of Mussanje Rangalli(Psycho) fame. The song starts of with background “Oooo”ing in RD’s voice in an interesting tune(tune is mindblowing), and also follows at places in the song, with haLLi kannada style Rapping (with JMM phrase) in his voice. Saindhavi takes up the melody part in this song excellently.

Right after this, I heard the Travel song. Looks like this song would get picturised in London, and hence you can see the best use of Bagpiper-ish background music for this song. It starts with the lyrics “marubhoomiyallu“,  sung by Karthik, who has an excellent voice, but has somewhat imitated Raghu Dixit’s style of singing in the song! But ofcourse, nothing negative, as he has added his value to the song, by giving the “perfection” touch to the song. Karthik was the perfect choice for the song is what I felt. The beats with the music and karthik’s voice, when he says “Heege Just Maath Maathalli“, and the way the bagpiper picks up from there, in this song is really awesome.

Raghu Dixit Rocks…
! Yes, we all know that.. why suddenly? Lol.. That’s because, the next song I heard was a Stage performance Rock song. “Just Maath Maathalli, Just KaNkaNNalli” rock song, starts off with the singer making the audience sing “Na.. Na Na Na Na” (just as in RockOn.. ofcourse different tune boss!) and then the singer starts of with his Electric Distortion Guitar. Singer of the song is none other than Raghu Dixit again! Middle of this song has a surprise… Lakshmi Manamohan, of “Ee Touchali” fame, has 2 soft lines to sing in this song too!

Last but not the least, is an exciting news! Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye.. Huh!? Bollywood song yaake banthu eega? Ofcourse, for Benny Dayal! Benny Dayal’s second song in Kannada (other one is from LoveGuru movie) is from JustMaathMaathali. This song is very very different song… You can listen to a different mood of music in this song. The song makes you involve so much in to it, that a little bit of distraction would create some dissatisfaction in you and would make you listen to the song from START again! Benny Dayal does a very good job with Kannada too. The way he sings “Baanallu neene.. Bhuviyallu neene” lines in the song is impressive!

And yes, that was the end of JMM track listening session for me! But the tracks are still echo-ing in my ears! Iam sure this would be the superhit album of 2009.

Hats off RD. In my earlier preview of RD’s Superman tracks (Click here), I remember having mentioned, “Look, A R Rahman of Kannada is here! Catch him“!, and now my above preview supports this Quote again!