Bangalore, Beware of Petrol Bunks!

Posted: June 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I usually get petrol filled for Rs.200/- every time if its my 2-wheeler… Rs.500, otherwise. Most of your might have had bad experiences in a petrol bunk, like say, they dont start off from ZERO mark, or may be they dont put for Rs.200 fully and end at, Rs.199 only! 🙂 or may be something else!



I will narrate you one such bad experience I used to have at Petrol Bunks in Bangalore. The petrol bunk, opp. to my office on banneghatta road is one such place, where anyone can have a bad experience for FREE of COST ! 😀 hehehe.

The usual Trick, played by petrol bunk service men are like this : The billing person or another service men, would stand right next to you, along with the service-man who would have his Petrol Pipe in his hand, ready to pump the petrol for you.

Way 1 :

You might say “Innoru rupaaayi” or “Two Hundred Rupees” to the person. He will start putting petrol and stop exactly at Rs.100 . If at all you notice that, he has put petrol for only Rs.100, you will ask him.. He will act as if he heard us saying it as Rs.100 only ! and again restarts the pump from 0 and puts upto Rs.100. This has happenned to many people, who have even asked the person to pump petrol for Rs.100 and he ends up saying he heard it as Rs.50 only! Aaw Gawd!

Way 2:

This way, is pretty interesting and very bad too. You ask the person to put petrol for Rs.200. The other service-man or the billing person who is right next to you, will ask a waste question to you.. like .. “Sir,.. Cash or Credit card?” .. or “Sir. if you pay by ICICI credit card you will get 5% cashback” (as if credit card users wouldnt know, or other credit cards wont give the cashback!), or “Sir… Petrol tank opening-alli koLe ide.. Service-ge koTTaaga clean maaDsi!” … etc etc.. Something like this. Beware of Such questions !! They are just to Distract you from the Reading! The PETROL PUMPS have a mechanism such that, even though it looks like it starts from zero, it quickly jumps to a preset number, like 40 or 50. So for people filling for Rs.200 or above, they cant make out the difference much, is their idea(especially for the 4 wheelers). With 2 wheeler drivers, they try to distract them with some weird question or offer, and make them turn over their side for a second or two.. Within this time, the service-man would have started putting the petrol, and by the time you turn towards the other side, to see the reading, the METER looks very much fine, showing rs.40 on it and smoothly running!

In case, you dont get distracted by the other service man, and you are staring the METER all the time, then the moment the person who is supposed to pump the petrol realises it, he goes and resets the, already Reset Petrol Pump! (This is just to ensure that, the pump meter doesnt jump off to rs.40 or so, as the customer is staring at it.. basically, he doesnt want to get caught red-handed! 😀 )

So next time you go to the petrol bunk, make sure

1. You stare the meter, from starting .. till end.

2. Dont get distracted by anything else, while you get your petrol filled up.

3. Get down your car to monitor whether he is really filling the all of the petrol in your tank only!

4. Enquire the service-person about it, if you see that speed of the petrol pump meter varies continiously all through the filling up process.

5.  Dont let the service-man happy, if he says, he heard it as just rs.100 or rs.50, when you have ordered for rs.200 !

6. DONT USE MOBILE PHONES inside PETROL BUNKS lolz ! Service-men would be eyeing such people, the most !

  1. Avinav says:

    kaLnan makLu bangalore fellows..
    good writing! …keep it up

  2. Gururaja V says:

    Good one.. Educative.. Thanks..

  3. Ajith says:

    superb man.. exact thing that hapns…!

  4. Vijay says:

    Swalpa yaamaridre Mundaaistaare baddi maklu 😛
    nodokke innocent tara irtaare…e tara kelsadalli experts 😀

  5. Karthik says:

    Oh..Intha experiance bejan sala agide.. .Devegowda petrol bunk anthu ..intha kelasakknthale award bere sikkde.. Award hesaru.. “Banni illi..Naavu nimage Niru(petrol) kudisthivi .. “antha… 🙂 😛

  6. Naveen says:

    Yaradru hebbal to K.R.Puram ring road nalli iro petrol bunk (next to manyata tech park) haksidro guarantee jagala madthira .. He never sets the machine to zero untill you force him to set and he quarells saying that the machine never sets (All cock and bull story .. ) Mundaaisbidthare kal nan maklu IOC bunk matra .. I would say anybody that shell petrol bunks matra niyathu irodu !! Even if it’s bit costly ..Try the service !!!

  7. ShellLover says:

    ನಾನಂತೂ ಯಾವಾಗಲು Shell ಉಪಯೋಗಿಸುತ್ತೇನೆ.. ಮೋಸ ಮಾಡೋಕೆ ಅವಕಾಶನೆ ಇರೋದಿಲ್ಲ.. ರಶೀದಿ ಕೊಡುತ್ತಾರಲ್ಲ? 🙂

  8. srikantiah says:

    Seetha circlelli iru petrol pumpllu kooda thumba husharagira beku.nimma attention divert maaduvudaralli thumba expertgalu.obbaru avarajothe maathadthairabeku innobbaru metre mele concentrate madabeku.NOw let us list out such rogue petrol pumps &caution the readers.thnks for raising the topic.

  9. vaibhav says:

    I have experienced this in Bangalore a lot!
    HP petrol pump at BTM…they will always fill up less petrol and act as if they heard you wrong…

    I always get petrol filled up at SHELL… I can trust SHELL service! they will always make sure you see the meter when they start filling, its set to zero!

  10. snabhi says:

    Where are the shell outlets in bangalore ?

  11. chica says:

    There is a 3rd method used by the guys at this same petrol bunk.. it was 3 years ago…
    I was in the passenger seat & my friend was in the drivers seat of his car.
    when we stopped for the petrol, I saw a huge dog lying lazily on the floor. The service guy gave a slap on the dog which made it get up and come & stand next to me.. the windows were open. Since it was a huge dog I was horrified.. In the meantime, the other guy almost started putting the petrol thinking that were were distracted by the whole dog incident. But my friend was not.


  12. naik says:

    dont panic the entire world for not knowing the rights of the customer at petrol pump.
    every thing is written on the dispaly. if u r still have any doubt pl call up the sales officer on the mob no displayed at the outlet.
    u can mention your complaint in the suggestion and complaint book kept at outlet.
    As per marketing descipline guidelines strict action will be taken on the dealer if found deviations from the laid down procedures.
    petrol pumps are there to serve the citizen and not to cheat them.
    pl go through the procedures folloewd at outlets and customer rights.

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