When I met Kannada Superstar Upendra the first time….

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Note : The Mp3 links of the chat, have been updated in the blog below!

Download Link  : http://www.box.net/shared/7kauj49u63

Alternate link : http://www.zshare.net/audio/6066972743ef33ab/

Its an obvious thing for many of friends that Iam a fan of Upendra, the kannada superstar/real star.  I had been such a mad fan while at college, that I used to enact/direct Uppi’s mimicry based roles on stage, watch Uppi’s movies multiple times etc. I have had a glimpse of the actor many times in heavy rush from far off. I have been always contented with it, because he is a role model for me, for my THINKING and WRITING skills.

On May25th 2009, I got a call from Kiran Sreedhar, RJ, Radio City 91.1FM. He is my very good friend and we have done a lot of recordings together before. This call was also for a recording for RadioCity, but it was something special. Kiran told me that we have Upendra in the Studio and we have to record something special. So I directed a sequence for him and myself, wherein Upendra calls me and tells that its Upendra speaking. So I keep saying that its some prank call on me and you are not Upendra.. The sequence takes a lot of funny dialogues and twists and finally after a minute, kiran interferes and says, it was not a prank call, it was really Upendra who called me up and I had become a bakra again by not believing him! Upendra was very happy about how it came out.

Soon after this, I messaged Kiran and thanked him for making me speak to my superstar. He asked me to come over the RadioCity so that we all can meet. I was very much excited, Rushed to the Studio in just 5 mins!

The moment Uppi came out of the Studios, the moment I saw him, the feeling was exactly similar to a person who would have done a penance for 9 years for God, and finally would have got darshan at the end of 9 years. I shook hands with him and told him, its me who spoke to him during the recording on phone. He was very happy to see me and he said, “ayyo allello idri, ille banbiTTideera eega!”. Kiran explained how i came so fast to the studio.

Upendra exclaimed. “Neevu bahala chennagi mathaaDtheera. Kiran kooDa heLthidda”. I was again happy to hear this. We all (Kiran , Uppi, Me, Rj Pradeepa etc ) went to a NO MAN’s LAND in the same building. It was photo session time. Kiran took my photos in RJ Pradeepa’s camera. Soon after this, we all had a cup of coffee together, chatting about the problems in the multiplexes, the negatives of kannada producers and other stuff.


Superstar Upendra with Abhishek S N

Superstar Upendra with Abhishek S N


Superstar Upendra with Abhishek S N

Superstar Upendra with Abhishek S N

Now Upendra was getting late and he had to leave. We went upto the parking lot to bid a bye to him. He had come in his black AUDI car to the studio. Best part was, he had no driver. Hee Hee. (ofcourse, why do you have to give the costliest car to a driver to drive!?)

It was a fantastic experience for me to meet Upendra. Here is the AUDIO CLIP of the DISCUSSION we had.

Download Link  : http://www.box.net/shared/7kauj49u63

Alternate link : http://www.zshare.net/audio/6066972743ef33ab/

Download it, listen to it and have fun. Thanks for reading!

  1. snabhi says:

    Whats your comment? 😀

  2. srikanth says:

    lucky maga 😛

  3. prashanth says:

    i must say, you had a nice and exiting experience Abhi!

  4. Shhash says:

    guruve uppi jothe nammadu ondu photo thogolluva avakasha kodisi 🙂

    uppi and you make a great jodi, ask him for a role mr.abhi

  5. sudhir says:

    really u r lucky,…, finally u meet your fav star…, r u ask him to direct movie…??

  6. sudhir says:


  7. Rakesh D N says:

    Very good experience alva, mast khushi aaytu, upendra Kannada movies ge olle name tandu kottiddare…Avrannu meet madiddiya neeu really great…Naanu Uppi na meet madbeku annistide…Nangu uppi na kandre sakkat ista….really he is sooooooooooooooooper….

  8. Vachu says:

    super maga!

  9. Vijay says:

    Lucky you, surprised that you had met many of the Actors and Actresses, now so late got chance to meet Uppi…nevertheless, lateaadru latestaagi meet maadide :P…

    Waiting for that clip…

    BTW, Uppi is Nice person too… Down to Earth and No Attitude 😉 …
    now-a-days stopped watched his movies :D, waiting for his Swamke Direction Movie…
    did you inform about this?

  10. Vijay says:

    I meant about his Direction, when he is planning to do.? not about me stopped watching 😀 lol

  11. snabhi says:

    No man.. So many ppl would have told him about it.. Why me telling the same thing? I wont make much difference to him !
    So discussed other matters

  12. Sathya says:

    Hi, Abhi

    Very Good maga olle kelsa madidhiya
    keep it up

  13. shreyas says:

    wow….. it is indeed a dream come true……. i can imagine yo e xpressions and happiness what yo get when yo meet yo inspiration and that also spend a quality time with him………. super cool……. congrats again………..

  14. Rashmi says:

    Superb!! u got a chance to meet him…

  15. Sagar says:

    Hey Abhi.. this sounds greattt.. you must have had a real fun together…. Update your clip ASAP pls…. 🙂

  16. Vijay says:

    You would have asked Uppi’s call sheet and asked him to Act in your Movie 😀 TANTRA 😛

  17. Kumars says:

    Supper maga… 🙂

    Clip bega update maad maga

  18. Abdul Aziz says:

    Hey Abhi – lucky fella

    I could imagine the joy u would have experienced to meet the person you have admired the most.

    I was recollecting the college days, you would watch Uppi’s movies first day first show and then come back and passionately give out the dialogues Lol!!! U wer crazy about him
    I still rem the “Baaige filter ” dialogue and also the “Preetse” song u sang in the fest….

    Lucky u N Cngrtz!!! Hope u get to work wid him… 🙂

  19. mahesh says:


  20. Shivprasad says:

    Congratulations abi.. 🙂
    nice to read the entire episode .. awaiting for the clip.. 😉

  21. sharath says:

    Cool kano…he is my favorite kannada actor…I wish I too can meet him one day…

  22. Shrikrishna says:

    Lucky… and even we… 😉 🙂
    nice direction abhi good concept… when it will be aired… waiting for clip…

  23. bindu says:

    wow….. really u r lucky,…, he is my favorite kannada actor…

  24. harish.v says:

    super dude hats of to u

  25. sathish says:

    awesome !.

    Moreover i like ur writing style maga , hange odiskondu hogtiya

    nija visya enandre : nindu bittu nanu bere yardu nanu ‘non technical’ blog odalla :)..

  26. veeresh says:

    nimma photo chennagi bandide adu namma real star jote!!!!!!

  27. snabhi says:

    Thanks Satish… and thanks everyone else too

  28. unnikrishnan says:

    malayalam manassilakumenkil njan parayam

  29. Aki says:

    Cool buddy, U r like a star than Uppi.

  30. Harish says:

    Ya ,U got good time .every 1 cont get tht.
    1 day i met “KIRAN”(haage summane hero)in our college.took photos also,,,.

  31. shashirekha says:

    hey tats really cool………

  32. Shankar says:

    phone no thugondeno plz nanagu kodo.

  33. Avinav.B says:

    I am very happy … your 9 years dream came true!
    good writing!
    keep smiling 🙂

  34. Divya Bharathi says:


    Congrats that you atlast met your super star Upendra:)

    The pics are awesome like I have already told you. Can you upload the sound track that you recorded? Would love to hear that if you can

  35. Subramanya says:

    hi abhi,

    Really it is very interesting to guess.

  36. Yogish says:

    Very very lucky…

  37. Yogish says:

    I am also longing to see Uppi, but till now i have been lucky enough only to meet his father..!!

  38. karthik says:

    Super maga.. Its great that you met him.I guess you enjoyed a lot. 🙂

  39. Raghu Dixit says:

    I like it…I like it…

  40. Leo says:

    great man, I like it kantha

  41. shilpa says:

    Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One think which shocked me after seeing the snap was his height. I thought he is very tall…. 😀

    Nice that you met him. I have heard that he is a very good guy who treats everybody very well.

  42. karthik says:

    avella ok….good that u met himm….haage ondh maath haakbekithu…why are u wasting all ur talent in doing some stupid movies

  43. champu says:

    Its really great anna 🙂

  44. srinivas says:

    Cong nice meet maga lucky u

  45. Mahesh Bhat says:

    Good..Good!! Luck by Chance 🙂 !!

  46. ramya says:

    hi good uppina meet madi bandra konegu.. u know one fact upendra nanna atte chikkapana maga..but nanu avrana node illa..hmmm

  47. Anil says:

    Nice Experience Abhi….

    I am looking for the day when Uppi comes up with his own script and direction.

    Uppi is great talented person…. good to hear you had a fantastic time.

  48. Rangu.M says:

    Abhishek Your realy Lucky maga

  49. Vinay Shetty says:

    Uppigintha ruchhi bare ella..

    dabba films koodu ruchhi ella…

  50. Kishore says:

    Abhi nice maga
    uppi loking super da

    pape pape dumo pape pape dumo

  51. harish says:

    neevu thumba adrushta madiddira kanri………..
    realy neevu humba luky kanri…………….

  52. Ajay says:

    cool maga,, finally u met uppi!!!!!!!!

  53. Kumars says:

    Downloaded 🙂

  54. Srinidhi says:

    Super Buddy!!!!!!!!!!

  55. ಕಾರ್ಯಕ್ರಮ ಕೇಳಿದೆ ಸಿಕ್ಕಾಪಟ್ಟೆ ತಮಾಷೆಯಾಗಿತ್ತು. 🙂
    ಒಟ್ಟಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಉಪೇಂದ್ರರನ್ನು ಮೀಟ್ ಮಾಡಿದ್ರಲ್ಲ ಸೂಪರ್…..

  56. Divya Bharathi says:

    Hi Abhi,

    It was nice to hear your recording good job kano.. It reminded me of Bangalore and the FM:(..

    I Wish you all the best and hope you will get a chance to do some recording like this even with Ramya also:)

  57. snabhi says:

    I have done recordings with Ramya already Divya !
    thanks all

  58. pavankumar.v says:

    sooper maga

  59. shivprasad says:

    hi abi,
    the conversation was good & funny.. thanks for sharing the recorded clip..

  60. shwetha says:

    Hello!! 🙂 nice to here… ur blog proves ur grt affection 2wards the actor..

  61. vvg240 says:

    Crack jote jack

  62. snabhi says:

    yaavono neenu vvg240 !! lol rediff site hesarhaakonDu dialogue biDtheeya!? 😀

  63. harsha says:

    amazing…… next yarappa

  64. pavankumar.v says:

    super wonderful conversation

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  66. shilpa says:

    Finally I could read this. Great one Abhi. 🙂

  67. prashanth kumar says:

    u r lucky dude…. evry1 is nt as lucky as u r…
    even i am a very very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of uppi, jst like u.

    all uppi’s fan can send START AKSHAN to 9945499454 (its free). u can win currency by answering the questions related to uppi’s career. u will also get latest updates about uppi’s films.

    thank u.

  68. Manjunath S Gali says:

    U R lucky yar….

  69. raghavendra pattar says:

    i want to meet upendra because i did one subject for him .from last 6manth i anm traying to meet him but i am nt get him please help me

  70. manojgorakshaka@gmail.com says:

    ppppppppppppppppplease give upendra number send it to mkharekrishna@gmail.com please im great fan of him if u send me his cell no. then i will put 5000rs currency nd snd ur no.

  71. Satish devadiga kundpura says:

    Uppi dailog mattu uppi mathina chathuriyathe haagu uppi thlege bele kattoke sdyavilla
    sir m visveswryya na nodoke aglilla adre avranne hondiru uppi annanalli visveswaryya na nodth iddeve……..


  72. Satish devadiga kundapura says:

    Uppi anna naa KVSS100 days gintha jaasthi odli yendu haraisuthene

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