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Its been complete 8 months now, since I have known Raghu Dixit personally as my friend. If you want answers to how was my experience when I met him the first time, look at this :

Hmm back to Business now 😉 ! This blog would be all about my experience with the tracks of SUPERMAN movie which I heard today at Raghu’s place.



Superman is a movie being made keeping Prajwal Devaraj and Radhika Pandit in lead roles, directed by Prabha. The most interesting part of the movie is, Raghu dixit is the music director of the movie !

As of today, Raghu is done with all the tunes, and has finalised/recorded one of the songs completely. The rest of the songs would be finalised very soon. I visited Raghu personally today to have a preview of the album in his studio/house.

Here is an exclusive preview of the outstanding songs in the album!

There would be 8 songs in the movie totally. Out of which Raghu would sing 2 of them finally. Another impressive factor about this movie album is that, Vishaal (Vishaal-Shekar bollywood fame) has sung a song in the movie.

Minuminuguva Nakshatra is a peppy song with western rock effects with the typical “Raghu Dixit” kind of tune to it! This is song sung by Vishaal. The song starts with a “launch note”, and hence seems to be an introduction song. The perfect bang-bangs in the song and the tune impressed me too much. This is even the title song of the movie!

Ee Manavu is a duet song. Wow, I kept thinking about A R Rehman, all through the song. Dont ask me explanations here… ! “A R Rehman” word says it all i guess ! Haricharan and Saindhavi have been teamed up for this duet and they have ended up in creating a more magical song than it was with their combination in Psycho.

Its a superlife.. is the song, which seems like a montage song, sung by Shwetha Mohan . Her voice sounds like Slow poison.. Hee Hee, ofcourse, in the positive sense.. ! The line “its a superlifeee” keeps echoing now and then in the song in “masth”-manner !! Its sung by Raghu Dixit. This is the song which would have the voices of Radhika Pandit and Prajwal devraj recorded for the song. Very good song.

Wait Wait… Are you thinking, Why am I praising all those songs ?? ! I have no other way.. I tried to be a CRITIC .. But seriously friends, all of the songs seems to be perfect and I would love to give 10 out 10 for the album. But lets just wait for the mastered copy to get released and then give the points 😉 ! What say ? ! Lets get back to review part now 😉 !

Nalinaliva ..This song is a slow – dream song. Play this song and close your eyes… You surely be in a different world. I liked the way, a very unique kind of western humming happens in the middle of charaNa.(unique to kannada songs).

Ha Ha Ha. He He He.. DankaNakaNNa DankaNaa.. ! Ayyo yenappa idu?? What happnd!? Ofcourse, Raghu Dixit’s next song is driving me mad ! Its an African-Jamaican DankanakkaNNa (foreign tappangucchi) song. The lyrics were not ready and hence Raghu had jammed the tune with his own funny and dummy lyrics. I would love to see this getting pushed first on Radio channels when the audio is released! Yes, I have a reason 😉 !

The Climax song is a  completely DIFFERENT song which seems to be a stage performance of the actress on stage in the movie! Its a complete “western-classical Orchestra” song. Iam very much excited about this song as this song would be recorded in kaLasa studios in Chennai and would be a recorded with a LIVE 60 PIECE WESTERN ORCHESTRA. The western violin steals the show in the music along with the piano tunes. Iam sure a huge applause for this great effort is awaiting to reach Raghu.

The 8th song, ( Iam sorry, this is the last 😦 ..! WANT MOOOOOOOORE! but cant help .. hee hee ) is a song to be shown during the last scene and moves on to CREDITS of the movie. The best part about this is, a beautiful flute has been used in the song. I listened to this part of the song repeatedly in his studio. Loved it !

Truly an exceptional… Now begins, High hopes on the movie. “ALL the BEST” to Prajwal and rest of the team ! (No use of telling “all the best” to Raghu.. as the music has proved me that , its already the BEST ! 😀 )

I know there is one thing missing in this review.. thats the LYRICS.. Sorry friends, I cant comment about the lyrics.. Actually dint concentrate on that 🙂 . But Iam sure Raghu Dixit would have chosen the best of the lyrics in to his music ! 🙂

Raghu asked me finally, what do you think about the album? I was SHY to tell the TRUTH to him. I said its a very good album and it would be a hit ! Dont ask me, “Aaah? what did you mean!?!”. Read the next sentence 😉 !

THE Truth is here … “DUDE.!!. A R Rehman of kannada is here… Each of his Albums are fantastic.. and this one is exceptional..! Iam waiting to have my copy of the CD at home.. It would be a sure shot HIT music… DONT MISS IT FRIENDS” !

Iam sorry for “comparing” or addressing Raghu Dixit with A R Rehman… (bcoz every person/music director, has his own unique style)! But for me, A R Rehman is a genius.. and Hence its a personal comment !

So wait for the album to get released. Must be a month’s time for it to get released! Lets all enjoy this album together when it gets releases 🙂 ! Get ready to listen to the super 8 magical music tracks of Raghu.

  1. GS says:

    When is audio release function?
    IshTella heLi prevoew nu koDlilla andre hege guruve?

  2. Rama Sethu says:

    Great Post!!!God Bless!!!

  3. snabhi says:

    heLadnalla.. It would take a month to get released anta… by the way, I told what was my experience.. How can i put a preview songs to listen..? Audio not released 😛 !
    and moreover,.. songs not mastered or finalized yet! Will do it once its released.. aaytha ?

  4. shreyas says:

    am left speechless……………… first….. as i was going through the review of each song i felt as if i was listen to it live and yo i loved the way it is written it brought life in it………. and everything is simply superb and hats off………. indeed raghu dixit is always the best…….

  5. arunbt says:



  6. snabhi says:

    I wrote there alwa… ! 🙂 It would take a month anta

  7. Hari says:

    Hey..Abhi.. nice comments.. will be waiting for the audio to come out.. hope to see a good competition for our Holidayz movie songs but i think superman will come out first may be..

  8. Avinav says:

    sooper sooper abhi…. really sakkat aagide… raghu full fida aagod guarantee…:)

  9. Nagaraj says:

    All I know is this guy Raghu Dixit has a soul in his music …. thanks god he is from Karnataka …….. after listening to ninna pujege bande mahadeshwara …. I am a big fan of him …. but this time when I was in India I couldn’t find much of his albums in any bangalore music gallery shops …. which is shame …. looking forward to Raghu Dixith’s more and more music …

    hurray … super guru .. keep it up ..

  10. Shrikrishna says:

    A R Rehman of kannada….!!! super…. nice to see one more great review.. lets see how music goes… all the best… thank you abhi for your review…

  11. sahana says:

    hey abhi,

    now…i would definitely wana listen to dis songs….seems great to have a young n dynamic music director like dis in kannada film industry…people need a healthy change n this wud be welcomed….n even am a great fan of Rahman saab….though there should be no comparison as each one of them have their own unique style…but i will definitely wish tat raghu dixit reaches great heights…n make good music ..n take kannada film industry to a different level altogether….

  12. snabhi says:

    Thanks for those beautiful comments on my page

  13. Rajkiran says:

    Hey, its rally nice to read this artile.I am looking forward to purchase the Audio Tracks …thanks for posting.Raj.

  14. MOHAN says:

    audio release yavaga mattu elli

  15. snabhi says:

    Hi mohan.. Nice to meet you 🙂 About the audio release, am Not sure Mohan … I think it would take a month

  16. Pallavi Somaiah says:

    awesome….even i had heard but that was when he was just creating the tracks….but im sure the result would be excellent!!!
    I heard this music along with the music of just maath maathalli…andi had loved that!!!So!!

  17. snabhi says:

    Unfortunately JUSTMAATHMAATHALI is no more.. due to recession !

  18. Vinay Shetty says:

    good +ve review dude… I wish Raghu gives more chace to kannada singers and to a new singers…. all the way lets make a good one…..

  19. naveen says:

    wow nice review abhi..hope the movie will be superb….coz raghus last movie was hyped v much bt its was a big flop….kannada movies exist agoke v need some good story n script..lets hope this movie gives wat all v r expecting…

  20. shivu n k says:

    woah…i am big fan of Raghu dixit . just i loved his music and listening with full involved in depth . whenever i feel sad and depressed just i pick the cd of PSCHYCO and listening listening listening that’sall ai agree he is the a r rehaman of kannada

  21. Pradeep Simha says:

    very good………..i like his musiq very much………but he must give chance to kannada singers also……..encourage new voices……so that the same outside singers voice is boaring………….. 😦 😦

  22. […] off RD. In my earlier preview of RD’s Superman tracks (Click here), I remember having mentioned, “Look, A R Rahman of Kannada is here! Catch him“!, and […]

  23. Hello,thanks you for this useful blogg, i really find many interesting things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on google. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

  24. Poker says:

    Being a complete newbie, all I can say is thanks for sharing this.

  25. Mahesh says:

    Really awaiting for the audio Release. After i read the your review on JMM and the out put of the audio was same and super. But Due to the Slow and Boring script made JMM Bit Flop. Great review……Mahesh

  26. raju says:

    raghu dixit ???a.r.rahman of kannada??? aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww good joke

  27. raju says:

    some buckets of raghu dixit seem to promote him and get well paid by him :))))))

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