Venkata in Sankata

Venkata in Sankata

Ricky Kej

Ricky Kej

The moment I got hold of the album “Venkata in Sankata“, I dint miss even a second… Started listening to the album! But my first impression was not that great. It was something like this….

Oh Whats this? Iam missing Melody in this album! where is a song equivalent to Baa MaLeye Baa or Dheem Dheem which I found in his previous album Accident? I miss Sonu Nigam also in this album. Hmm, So its not a great album.

But, after repetitive listening of the songs in this album and also after carefully observing the music, this is what I have to say to all of you now!

Oh.. I understand now!. The music is simply great and apt for a comedy movie like Venkata in Sankata. This is a comedy movie and I cant expect the hero facing a tragic scene and singing a song in full feelings.. So I cant expect a Baa MaLeye Baa kind of touching melody here! Iam listening to the songs of the album everywhere nowadays.. be it my laptop, mobile phone, mp3 player… and beleive me, the kind of sound engineering and the layering is simply fantastic. Each song is definitely entertaining, if not touching!

When we come to details of each song, and when I see the details in the Inlay Card in the album, I see the name Avinash Chebbi very prominently! Who is he? He is supposed to be a very popular JINGLE singer in Mumbai itseems. Good job by him! He has sung 3 out of 5 songs in this album. (ofcourse, the 3rd one is a remix of the 1st one). The Title track has funny lyrics written by Avinash Chebbi himself.. So its for sure that he is a kannadiga! Awesome find Ricky ! Congrats ! 🙂

Ricky has also used our usual female favourite for kannada western feel songs, Chaitra HG in 2 songs. Interesting part is that, Jayanth Kaykini has penned the lyrics for one of the song sung by Chaitra along with Naresh Iyer! Ramesh is Intelligent! 😀

There might not be a Baa MaLeye Baa kind of song in this album, but there is surely a Yedeya oLage song sung beautifully by M D Pallavi (Pallavi Arun). It starts of with a “heart touching” style, but extends to be a FOLK RAIN DANCE kind of song. It reminds me ILLAYARAJA’s Muttu Muttu Neera Haniya song from Nammora Mandaara Hoove movie. (Though there is no similarity in the tunes…)

Coming to usual CLUB REMIX track…. Here lies RICKY’s real Strength is what I feel! I must say, I started liking the Title track only after I listened to its Remix. It would be splendid if the movie uses the REMIX song instead of the original which is bit slower. (I think that wont happen though 😦 )

Kaviraj‘s lyrics with lot of usual english words in koogi kuNiyoNa is foot tapping. This is the first song I liked in this album actually! 🙂 Surprised??? Dont ask me why! 🙂 Kaviraj has also penned lyrics for another song NoDutha NoDutha which is actually a Western Melody kind of song, which people will surely like after repetitive listening or after the videos are out!

Ricky Kej says Venkata in Sankata is a fantastic Comedy movie that he has not seen recently. So, it would be a sure shot hit! Personally, my GUT FEELING too speaks to same! and the movie is releasing on my BIRTHDAY, Feb 13th… Hmm, So all the very BEST Mr.Venkata. Please fall in super sankata and make us laugh!


  1. Praveen Jois says:

    Thanks Abhi for the reviews..Interesting.. LL listen to these songs..

  2. VideoGirmit says:

    Chennagide review. Abhi we expect more review like this…

  3. snabhi says:

    Thanks praveen. and Videogirmit.. sure sir.. neevu heLadmele aaythu 🙂

  4. Guruprasad says:

    ABHI….. God has given u the wondeful talent of narrating. Awesome…. I was very much impressed by your narrating style rather than the review…. However, However, I personally feel that Ramesh is branding himself as a Director who keeps a very thin line of comedy which happens bet/n the Husband & Wife or with extra marital affair of the Husband and drags for 2& a half hours… Even Raama Shaama Bhaama… would have been a very ordinary film without Kamalahassan & his dialogue deliveries.

    But as you said, Yedheya Ollage song impresses a music listener.

  5. Bharath says:

    Nice post abhi..

    At first i thot this wont make upto my expectation , but after listening to the songs again and again, i started liking it..
    The same thing happens wen i listen to ARR (Rahman)songs..!! [:)]
    Anyways , Nice work ricky.. cgrts..
    and all the best for your future projects..

    I miss sonu in this album.. [:(]

  6. Vijay says:

    nice review
    will have to listen and see whether it might be likable as Accident album or not

  7. Sunil says:

    Hey abhi thnx for the review, few good albums are like tht, we feel not impressed on first listening, some times when seen with picturisation it looks good, some times repeated listening, we get to know the real beauty hidden in composition and lyrics, and this album falls in this category 🙂

  8. snabhi says:

    Wonderful comments… Elated

  9. sudhir..... says:

    nice review……

  10. prashanth says:

    review is superb and no comments for Abhi’s narration:)hope/wish i will get chance to listen to these songs soon…:) all the best to Ricky & Ramesh combination!

  11. Gururaja V says:

    I too dint liked at first hearing.. sonu was missing.. :(.. but I kept listening to title track and i liked it.. though remix version..

    Nice review..

  12. shilpa says:

    Couldn’t read fully…. But, the first half is superb ….

    I shall complete reading when time permits 🙂

  13. Ajay says:

    good maga,,,

    @ Ricky,,, I liked the album,,, when i started listening to the songs,, for the first time itselt…
    as m a rock/pop/hip hop lover………..

    A rocking album by Ricky…… Hope to see many more albums like this from you, in the future….

  14. snabhi says:

    that means u dint have any expectations Ajay.. thats good… listen with a clear mind 🙂

  15. Rakesh D N says:

    Sakkat review abhi, e review nodidmele songs kelbeku anta annistide…

  16. […] original here:  Venkata in Sankata, Ricky Kej’s New Album Tags: accident, avinash-chebbi, interview, maathu-mutthu, pallavi-nbspcharana, ramesh-aravind, […]

  17. Pallavi Somaiah says:

    good review man…and im sure when Avinash reads this he’s gonna be really happy!!!

  18. Ghanashyam says:

    Haven’t yet got a chance to listen to the songs frmo this movie. But after your review I am surely gonna listen to it 🙂
    Ide tara review haakta iru. Based on your reviews I will listen to the music 🙂

  19. sumanth says:

    Well, i must say this is the first time i read such a detailed review of an audio album, really well written.. will surely buy the CD of this. Good job Abhi !!!

  20. snabhi says:

    Thanks Ghanshyam.. do some repeated listening.. and sumanth.. good job man
    thank you

  21. Karthik L bhat says:

    Wow..The music are realy cool maga…I listen 5 times a day 🙂

  22. Majanu says:

    All songs are good.. But why is the title song so slow? you listen to remix and come back.. it sounds damn slow!

  23. Shankar Kiran says:

    Whoaaa what a review! Was bored with reviews like song no.1 is good.. song no.2 is bad etc ! This is entertaining..your review.
    Have not heard the songs. Will try do that today atleast on kannadaaudio dot com

  24. Avinash says:

    thank u guys!

    to Pallavi: yes….for sure,this review is a boost!

  25. Avinav says:

    very nice kano!!… review opening sakkattagittu ….wonderful …u explained everthing..even abt artists in a unique way… grt effort 🙂

  26. tour show says:

    I had a lovely evening and i just came home. I was surfing the net for same ol’ same ol’ and i found your post. I don’t usualy comment but thanks for the read. I’ll go watch some tv now before i go to bed. have a nice day/evening and keep on blogging. Bye!

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