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Friends, you have already read about my circus with music programming. If not, read it here..

Here is a Musical Symphony (ofcourse, not the piano symphony.. kind of mixed symphony), that I have created. The time length of this Audio is 29 mins 30 seconds .. 30 mins Approx. I hope you all get involved with the music as you listen to it! Hence the name iNvOlvE30 !



So friends, Consider this as a music Album with 5-6 different tracks which adds up to 30 mins though this is a single track of 30 mins. I dont want you to miss any part of the long music. Please download and listen completely to it. This is complete Music programming from a person who has no musical theory knowledge and from  a person who hasnt learnt to use the Music programming software too. Hence forgive the mistakes, if you find any 🙂


if you want a Rapidshare link:

Mediafire link :

(size : 41 MB … ya… 30 mins track, mp3, costs 41 MB 😀 ! )

I hope you all Plug your EARPHONES and observe the variations of the symphony for 30 mins! Repeated listening can make you love it. 😉

It would be of a great favour to me, if at all you comment on the track and this blog.

  1. Raju says:

    downloading the 40mb file 😉
    but Abhi, i am afraid this gives a wrong impression for many who might think Digital music is easy and requires no musical knowledge. its completely untrue. You are able to create something like this cos
    1) you are highly passionate about music
    2) you have good knowledge about using technology

    I know personally many people who think Digital music is junk and anyone can do that. God bless them 🙂

  2. snabhi says:

    Oh Raju… Thanks for the comments.. I agree with you ! Its not such an easy job.. or else I would not have blogged like this .. created poster for it and all 😀 hahaha

  3. snabhi says:

    super Raju..
    i will also try to do something like that

  4. Preethi/Chuppi says:

    Heyyyyy Abhi………….i just heard the complete 30mins music da, its just awesome 🙂
    Its a wonderful blend of variety music and i just loved listening to it….i ve downloaded the complete 40mb file and saved it on my system so that i can listen to it again and again….
    HATS OFF TO UR TALENT and love towards MUSIC 🙂
    Keep goin and give us more and more of such variety music and much more….
    Wishing u all the very best 🙂

  5. snabhi says:

    thanks preethi !
    REPEATED LISTENING ! is what I recommend you!

  6. Shruthi says:

    nice composition……..out of words 🙂

  7. Siddu says:

    Download in Progress

  8. snabhi says:

    Cool Cool thank you

  9. snabhi says:

    thanks harsha.. then pls listen to it

  10. Nachiket says:

    good job dude….keep going..

  11. Kiran Parvati says:

    Waw … superb Abhi …. u are very creative … just loved it … 🙂

  12. snabhi says:

    oh nachi and Kiran, Thanks for the nice comments!!

  13. Shrikrishna says:

    Are you free…?? Doing any work?? System have sound card?? Likes to hear something continuously?? Irritated by latest film songs??

    Then what you are waiting for… Download this and keep listening…..

    Awesome make by abhi… gift to all of us for new year… simply rocks….
    Keep it up Abhi…

  14. snabhi says:

    wow awesome comment!
    ya ya gift for new year!! 🙂 happy new year in advance 😉

  15. vatsayana says:

    lo .. maga .. i have clicked the download button! as i told before .. v can use this music as a back ground score to any of the theme based play.

  16. snabhi says:

    yes.. you decide after listening

  17. pavankumar.v says:

    superb!!!!!!!! keep going All The Best………

  18. rekha says:

    Just loved the Thriller, melody, rock music…
    Abhi—– U ROCK!!!
    keep on doing this good work for us….

  19. Siddu says:

    You Rock Abhi……..

    I love the New 30 involve Song…..

    You are the Best…….

  20. snabhi says:

    thank you pavan , rekha and siddu

  21. Mahesh Bhat says:

    KeLDe Abhi…sooperragide…..multiplexalli movie start ago modlu and intervel nalli ee musics haakidre tumbaa chennagidrOdu…. Keep it up.

  22. Sowmya Shree says:

    tumba chennagidhe !! I heard all the 30 mins its very kool !! Its different … and good !!

  23. deepthi says:

    involve30 s mindblowing …… makes us to involve keenly into it.. will be of fine use 4 evryone who likes beats very much !!! a cool track enjoyed to d best……. good work abhishek…..keep doing!!!!

  24. snabhi says:

    Thanks to all who commented here!
    So sweet of you all !!!!!

  25. Rama Sethu says:

    Dear Friend,
    Great Music.
    Great Sound.
    Keep it up.
    God Bless.

  26. Vijay says:

    Great Effort Abhi…
    till 3 Minutes, Music is silent with its approach, later its taken to some other different theme and world…

    Music can be used to some Suspense movie, which you already named it as TANTRA, this Music could be used as Background score…

    From 10:40 to 11:20 Music is Heavy ROCK kinda thing and thats Awesome…
    From 21:00 to 21:20 is too fast and Loud…

    Rest all are Good and First Effort is Commendable…

    ROCK On !!!

  27. snabhi says:

    Wow Vijyay… thanks a lot for listening to it..
    and your detailed analysis also nice
    you said , “too fast and Loud” – do u mean that those 1 minute is bad in those 30 mins ?
    and thanks Rama Sethu ..

  28. Vijay says:

    Hmm yeah,
    That one minute Music could have been changed…but a great effort… 😉

  29. Vijay says:

    Its from 22 odd seconds till 24th second…

  30. naveen ln says:

    nice music 🙂 keep it up maga..

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