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Posted: December 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Before I start off , DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE BELOW.. If you get bored reading all this, straight away download the music files from the links. But I guess it would be worth reading for you to know about it.

Music Music Music ! I keep listening to Music all the time.  Many of you already know that how passionate Iam towards singing. People next to me always know that I wont shut my mouth at all anytime without singing some song.

This made me develop interest in making new tunes. As I dont have any knowledge about theoritical music, Raagas and TaaLas(but i can easily find out if the music is running within a raaga/shruthi or is it going out of it 😀 ) and I dont know to play any musical instrument, I tend to develop tunes only vocally. As I have no way to make a note of the tunes i compose, I easily forget those wonderful tunes I compose everyday. This made me record to my voice sometimes if I compose tunes when Iam in front of my laptop. This is very unusual as I have lots of other work to do when Iam in front of my laptop.

Hence, all I did was I got a copy of the software called as FRUITY LOOPS (ver 8.0). I knew I could compose some good music in this, but had no idea of how to do it. I found some tutorials on the internet, But I dont usually have the patience to “learn” it methodically, chapter-wise! Iam always very eager to jump to the last chapter. Hence I like exploring and learning the features of the software myself.

This made me experiment with Fruityloops when I was at Munich, Germany (as I had lot of time lol )! I composed simple loops initially, played around with combination of instruments, composed random music with continious loops, then gradually moved on an learnt the way to program loops into a playlist, composing using the piano-roll of the instruments for each loop etc.

But the problem was that, I still dint know music theory. Every tune that comes to my mind, I should HARDLY MAP each NOTE in my mind to what suits / goes with it on the keyboard. (Easier way is to write “swaras” or “notes” for the tune and play it on the piano-roll directly and program –>which i have no idea how to do bcoz of  “ZERO” music theory knowledge)

Gradually I realised the importance of Layering of musical loops. Will all this “RAW” knowledge about the software and with my inbuilt musical sense, I have produced some MUSICAL FILES, which i have put up below (links to download).

I know i have got some “sexy” tunes when I sing vocally..

-But not all can be programmed easily

-But it takes a long long long time for me to map it off to software and ofcourse I dont get the accuracy of what I thought also on the software because I dont have that competency of programming it.


Anyway Download the Below files and let me know how are they!





I WILL SURELY improve this one talent of mine and I plan to do something BIG in far future with this 🙂 !

(REPORT to Me if any of the links put up above doesnt work anymore)


  1. Akash says:

    really beautiful tunes to start off…you know you have magic in your hands 🙂

  2. snabhi says:

    Thanks akash ! Magic is in my mind i feel ! Need sometime to get it on to my hands kano ! thank you again

  3. Aditya says:

    I liked the last tune man.. there is some genuine musical quality there.. Only thing I would say is to add a bit more variety into the tune.. The feel is good.. the orchestration is good… has all the elements .. but gets a bit monotonous .. or maybe its because you still haven’t bridged the gap between thought and creation.. Keep at it you’ll get there !

  4. Hey music really rocks, i am not trying to b nice to u, honestly, for a person who has not learnt music to do this its really awesome… all are good, but i liked melody beats more.. Good luck 🙂

  5. Siddu says:

    Awesome Tunes Abhi Well Done Keep it up may be u r an Future RD…… 🙂

  6. snabhi says:

    Well said Aditya..
    Sunny.. thanks a lot!
    super comment kaNo siddu

  7. srinidhi says:

    snabhi am I permitted to use the tune as my ringtone..??

    and `peeps’ this explains the opinion about tune. lets make one wonder what tune is it and ask for it to be sent through BlueTooth.

  8. snabhi says:

    YEs maga. I say THUMBS UP for your idea.. i hope you encourage others to read this blog man

  9. Raju says:

    Third one was really good, but the other 2 were 🙂
    For a starter with Fruity Loops, its really nice, you can only get better with time. I suggest you to learn keyboard, just to get a hold of NOTES. It becomes really easy to map them on to fruity loops/adobe audition once you know the notes. And normally we tend to get carried away with so many instruments available in FL, so decide upon those few instruments you gonna use and control their volume to make sure no 2 instruments dominate at the same time.
    With the passion you have for music, i am very sure you can make it big someday 🙂

  10. snabhi says:

    Great piece of advice.. i too keep thinking about both the suggestions you have put up… my thinking has strengthened bcoz of your comment today! 🙂

  11. Vijay says:

    Good Work Kano…

    First Melody is Quite Good… It gives the impression of Emotions you had while composing…

    Second Melody is Fast, Rocking, pakka action moviesge we can use that as Background score, (Ending could have been much better, repeats the tunes till the end)…

    Third Melody is Awesome… Lots of Varieties, Changes in Tunes, impressive, Do keep more time duration 😉

    BTW, Great WORK… You keep practicing and If you put up more dedication and being Committed, you have a great Chance…;-)

  12. snabhi says:

    Thanks vijay for detailed analysis in ur vision of 3 tunes

  13. adon says:

    awesome dude….!!

    super composition…. tht’s all i can say :)….. simply superb…!!!

  14. pavankumar.v says:

    superb,awesome,ultimate,great i donn have words to discribe ur talent,infact i have heard this many a times on our MM,anyways all the best keep going

  15. snabhi says:

    Thanks a lot adon and pavan !
    u meant, you have heard all 3 music files on MM? I had put the 1 and 3 only on MM before man.. 2 is a new one 🙂 try it out

  16. prabhath says:

    sakath abhi

  17. Guruprasad says:

    Abhi… To start with, in no ways its a mean achievement… I need give you the honest opinion, which helps you to focus more & work towards it..

    The third one seems to be really good and the first two not very impressive, the reason is that, I feel that it needs some additional BGM.


  18. Giri says:

    Well composed! Way to go!!

    When did this journey begin?

  19. Nachiket says:

    Hey,,great start dude…You have done well with the limited resources u had. My 2 cents on the music:
    1. The first song is good on melody…but i guess you can replace the electric guitar with an indian percussion.
    2. The second second is also nice. The layering has come well. But again I am sure you would have enjoyed indian mridamgam there..
    3. The third will be a joy for any hard rock fan..felt like i was listening to metallica..this song will also suit “Kopa”
    4. The 4th song is nice dude…good mix of harmony and drums..

    These comments are from a music take them with a pinch of salt.. But again..a very good start.

  20. snabhi says:

    @ Nachi. you said it dude.. i agree with your comments.. but you wont get the instruments mentioned on the software 🙂 thats the problem
    @ giri, i have mentioned that, i started it when i was at munich.. and after tha may be 3 months ago
    @Guruprasad.. thanks a lot for your comments…

  21. Shruthi says:

    nice compostions abhi…third track is very nice..
    chenagide kelakke 🙂
    try the second one in other instruments…iwagirodu chenagide..
    bari suggestion ashte 🙂

  22. snabhi says:

    thanks shruthi
    ok try maaDtheeni

  23. deepthi says:

    hey abhishek!!!! ur back with ur music 4m a long gap i believe..
    but its simply amazing …
    The first tune just gives a touch saying ur back wit d feel of music . The second assures u can do some magic wit d beats nd u
    have done it with great spirit…….. congrates !!!
    the third finally d melody with a nice rendering…. but M expecting
    u to complete ur work by giving a wonderful lyrics to it creating a
    good start nd a nice justice to it….. great work !!!!! good luck 🙂

  24. snabhi says:

    there are 4 tracks now..checkout the 4th one
    thank you deepthi

  25. ChethanP says:

    Maga superb kano.. Keep it up the good work… multi talented bidu maga neenu

  26. Good One … Work, One song looks same tune of Metallica !!! …
    How you did this composing??

  27. snabhi says:

    thanks 🙂
    Dude bharath, read the blog.. you will find the answer 🙂 the blog is all about “how i did” 😀

  28. prashanth says:

    its nice abi….
    i mailed you tht day….

  29. Pallavi Somaiah says:

    Great!!!U are truly a rockstar!!!

  30. snabhi says:

    Thank you Pallavi ! 🙂

  31. Shilpa R says:

    Wonderful Wonderful

  32. Naveen L N says:

    Interesting and nice to listen 🙂 keep up the good work..

    now we expect more from you 😉

  33. snabhi says:

    Thank you shilpa and naveen

  34. Deepak Gowda says:

    Abhi..well done man.
    keep it comin… all the very best

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  36. sowmya shree says:

    You are amasing !! All the four tracks are very good .. You have a bright future ..bravo !!

  37. johnny says:

    EH0jfB Thanks for good post

  38. Vivek Mayur says:

    Abhi….it s really nice…. i must say that your dedication is what is your strength is….keep it going….the tune was simply superb!

  39. snabhi says:

    Thanks a lot Sowmya and Vivek and the rest too !

  40. wow that third one is amazing! keep up the good work 🙂

  41. Sanjay says:

    Nicely composed mate! Well going. Keep up the good work. I loved all the ones.

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