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Friends, you have already read about my circus with music programming. If not, read it here..

Here is a Musical Symphony (ofcourse, not the piano symphony.. kind of mixed symphony), that I have created. The time length of this Audio is 29 mins 30 seconds .. 30 mins Approx. I hope you all get involved with the music as you listen to it! Hence the name iNvOlvE30 !



So friends, Consider this as a music Album with 5-6 different tracks which adds up to 30 mins though this is a single track of 30 mins. I dont want you to miss any part of the long music. Please download and listen completely to it. This is complete Music programming from a person who has no musical theory knowledge and from  a person who hasnt learnt to use the Music programming software too. Hence forgive the mistakes, if you find any 🙂


if you want a Rapidshare link:

Mediafire link :

(size : 41 MB … ya… 30 mins track, mp3, costs 41 MB 😀 ! )

I hope you all Plug your EARPHONES and observe the variations of the symphony for 30 mins! Repeated listening can make you love it. 😉

It would be of a great favour to me, if at all you comment on the track and this blog.


Music Composer Abhishek S N

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Before I start off , DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE BELOW.. If you get bored reading all this, straight away download the music files from the links. But I guess it would be worth reading for you to know about it.

Music Music Music ! I keep listening to Music all the time.  Many of you already know that how passionate Iam towards singing. People next to me always know that I wont shut my mouth at all anytime without singing some song.

This made me develop interest in making new tunes. As I dont have any knowledge about theoritical music, Raagas and TaaLas(but i can easily find out if the music is running within a raaga/shruthi or is it going out of it 😀 ) and I dont know to play any musical instrument, I tend to develop tunes only vocally. As I have no way to make a note of the tunes i compose, I easily forget those wonderful tunes I compose everyday. This made me record to my voice sometimes if I compose tunes when Iam in front of my laptop. This is very unusual as I have lots of other work to do when Iam in front of my laptop.

Hence, all I did was I got a copy of the software called as FRUITY LOOPS (ver 8.0). I knew I could compose some good music in this, but had no idea of how to do it. I found some tutorials on the internet, But I dont usually have the patience to “learn” it methodically, chapter-wise! Iam always very eager to jump to the last chapter. Hence I like exploring and learning the features of the software myself.

This made me experiment with Fruityloops when I was at Munich, Germany (as I had lot of time lol )! I composed simple loops initially, played around with combination of instruments, composed random music with continious loops, then gradually moved on an learnt the way to program loops into a playlist, composing using the piano-roll of the instruments for each loop etc.

But the problem was that, I still dint know music theory. Every tune that comes to my mind, I should HARDLY MAP each NOTE in my mind to what suits / goes with it on the keyboard. (Easier way is to write “swaras” or “notes” for the tune and play it on the piano-roll directly and program –>which i have no idea how to do bcoz of  “ZERO” music theory knowledge)

Gradually I realised the importance of Layering of musical loops. Will all this “RAW” knowledge about the software and with my inbuilt musical sense, I have produced some MUSICAL FILES, which i have put up below (links to download).

I know i have got some “sexy” tunes when I sing vocally..

-But not all can be programmed easily

-But it takes a long long long time for me to map it off to software and ofcourse I dont get the accuracy of what I thought also on the software because I dont have that competency of programming it.


Anyway Download the Below files and let me know how are they!





I WILL SURELY improve this one talent of mine and I plan to do something BIG in far future with this 🙂 !

(REPORT to Me if any of the links put up above doesnt work anymore)


Toe Fractured :(

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ನಡೆಯದ೦ತಾಗಿದೆ…. ಶೂನ್ಯ ತಿರಗದ೦ತಾಗಿದೆ
ಓಡುವ ಕುದುರೆಯ ಕಟ್ಟಿಹಾಕಿದಂತೆ
ಮುಗಿಲೇರುವ ಆವಿಯ ನೆಲಕುರುಳಿಸಿದಂತೆ
ಹರಿಯುವ ನದಿಯ ತಡೆ ಹಿಡಿದಂತೆ
ನಡೆಯದ೦ತಾಗಿದೆ ನನಗೆ ನಡೆಯದ೦ತಾಗಿದೆ

ಮುರಿದಿರುವುದು ಬರಿ ಒಂದು ಬೆರಳು
ಆದರೆ ಸಹಿಸುತ್ತಿದೆ ದೇಹವೆಲ್ಲಾ ಅಳಲು
ಕ್ಷಣಕಾಲ ನಿಲ್ಲದವನ ತನುವು
ಮರಯಬೇಕಿಂದು ಕಾರ್ಯಗಳು ಹಲವು !

ಹಿತಾಸಕ್ತರೆ೦ದರು ಪಡೆಯಲೇಬೇಕು ಆರಾಮ
ಆದರು೦ಟೆ ಜೀವನಕ್ಕೆಲ್ಲಿಯಾದರು ವಿರಾಮ?
ಹವ್ಯಾಸವೇ ಉಸಿರೋಳಗೊಂದು ಖಾತೆ
ಬೆರಳಿಗೀಯುವ ಶಾಂತಿಯ ಉಸಿರಿಗೀಯಲಾದೀತೇ?

For people who cant read kan fonts, here is the image,

Toe Padya

Toe Padya

Enjoy.. pls comment

Recently, I had a programme on Maja Maadi, where the members could openly throw questions at the Music director Ricky Kej (Music director of Movie Accident, 4000 jingles, 4 international abums, indian albums). More about Ricky is over here.


Ricky Kej

Ricky Kej


The interview was a huge success for the fact that, Ricky answered each of the question from MM members in a very detailed manner. Why should such a celebrity write such detailed answers amidst his hectic work schedules!? But still, Ricky did answer all the questions in detail that impressed every MM member and made every MM member wonder about his patience and personality.

Below is the interview with Ricky Kej that our MM members did.

Question 1 :

Shrikrishna : What makes you to direct music to a kannada movie that too a small audience ?

Ricky : Hi Shrikrishna,
Thanks so much for asking..
Composing for Kannada movies.. or ‘Movies’ in general happened by accident (no pun intended). I have been in the music industry for a long time, but not doing movies. I was doing advertising jingles and working with American, European and Chinese record companies in ‘Music Directing’ albums for an International audience. Sometime back I was asked by Wipro ‘Smart Light’ to compose a jingle for them. After composing, I was told that Mr. Ramesh Aravind was the brand ambassador, and I had to dub his voice at my studio.. so my agency gave him a call, and he arrived at my studio to record the line. People had already spoken to him about my music and the kind of international work that I do, he was interested and listened to some of my music. It was 6 months later that he called me and asked me to do music for ‘Accident’. I jumped to the opportunity because I had tremendous respect for him, his achievements, talent and above all humility. It was a great experience and I have only Mr. Ramesh Aravind to thank for this. People will soon realize that he is a tremendously talented ‘Overall Film maker’ and one of the best in India.

The Kannada film audience is not a small audience. It is a huge audience. Look at the numbers.. Accident was released in Triveni- it has a capacity of about 1,200 seats and 4 shows- 4,800 people watched Accident per day, and Accident had an initial release in over 30 theatres. So, that is in no way a small audience.
Also, We, the Kannada film audience are a much better audience than any other language. We ensure that only the best films or most entertaining films become hits, we do not go watch films just because of unnecessary hype or ‘Past Glory’. Also, we are now becoming very quality conscious.. and this is increasing day by day. Film makers/music directors/actors/actresses/editors/producers are now younger and younger every day. We have a film like ‘Gulabi Talkies’ winning international awards and audiences. This shows newer people are entering the industry which is a great sign for any industry. I think in time to come, we will be a force to reckon with in the national and international film scene.

Question 2:

Shilpa : I heard You would be directing music for “Venkata in Sankata”, now that 
you are directing music for a comedy movie, is/was the homework needed for this 
more? How different is it from your usual composing?  (Even I got a chance to see you in PVR. But, then I didn’t know that it was Ricky )

Ricky : Hi Shilpa,

Thanks so much for asking
Yes, I am doing music for ‘Venkata in Sankata’ and have almost finished recording the tracks. I am sure you will love them!
While directing music for a film.. the most important aspect that can inspire you to make good music is the ‘Brief’ from your director. In this case I got the best director anyone could ask for- Ramesh Aravind.
We had a meeting, and he narrated the script to me. I laughed my head off! it was by far the most funniest, thrilling, and superb script I have ever heard. He then briefed me on the ‘Song Placements’ as he intended. I gave him some of my own suggestions and we reached to an agreement very fast. 
After this it was smooth sailing, I worked really hard on the songs. Almost three times as hard as Accident. Once the songs were completed, Ramesh loved the songs tremendously and so did the entire crew.. Just a bit of the recording remains now.
I realized early on, that in such a film which is filled with fun- the only way for the ‘Fun’ factor to come accross would be for me to have tremendous amount of fun (while working hard) while making the music. So, I got together with musicians and singers and we has a blast during the days that we made the music.. and I am sure you will know what I am talking about once you hear the music.

About you seeing me in PVR, I am either at PVR, iNOX or Fame twice a week for a 10 o clock show. I am a huge movie buff, and have a collection of over 3000 DVDs, and a DTS setup in my studio. 
I would be very happy, if the next time we stumble into each other- you introduce your self to me. I would consider it my great fortune. I hope this answers your question.

Question 3:

Chetanbs: How come the switch from dentistry to music? Had loved the first part of KS lounge of yours… but didnt get to hear the 2nd part. As you had told it wasnt released in India. When can we get to hear it??

Ricky : Hi Chetan..

I am so glad to see you here too, I think we are friends on Facebook.. or is it Orkut??
Thanks alot for your question.

There was never any switch from Dentistry to music. I was always and will always be into music. The press sometimes mis-interprets this. I did my Dental degree for the SOLE purpose of pleasing my parents and family. They wanted me to complete a ‘Professional Degree’ and I did that. Even during my dentistry, my college hours ended at 4 pm. From 5 pm onwards, I would be at a studio and work there till 2 in the morning. I would reach home after this only to wake up at 7 am in order to reach college on time. I took a break from music a week before final exams every year. That was the only week I would study. The day I got my degree, I dove into music 24 hours a day. So, as you can see, there was no shift… it was always music.

I am really happy to know that you have listened to KS lounge 1, and am even more glad that you liked the album. these 2 albums (KSL 1 and 2) were released by Universal Music USA all over the world. I held on to the rights for India. I have had very bad experiences with record companies in India and hate most of them. Without mincing words, most record companies (except for very few) in India are F***ers and worse than the people who pirate music. That is why I decided to hold back KS lounge 2 and wait for a good time or good record company to release it here. Until then, the album is doing extremely well in other parts of the world, especially USA. Infact both albums have been declared ‘best sellers’ in lounge categories in USA and Europe. If you want to listen to the album, I will try and email you a few tracks.

Question 4:

chetanbs : How was it working with the great classical music legends and maestros like Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia? How have they influenced your music?

Ricky : Hi Chetan (again.. lol)

It was without a doubt.. one of the greatest musical experiences of my life.
Thats all I can say about that. I think that one line summarizes it all.

Question 5,6,7:

Chetanbs : Lounge genre of music isnt that quite exposed to wider audience in India… its mostly foreseen to be for the pub hopping people. How do you plan to get this kind of music to even the masses… you tried your bit in the remix version of baa maleye baa and jigidu bantu in accident and they were quite popular too….  Any plans of bollywood? Any offers ??  rom Lounge kind of music to jingles to mass-appealing movie soundtracks, you have seen it all.. what gives you much satisfaction in terms of achievement? More Audience or popularity or good work….

Ricky : Lounge is a ‘Niche’ category not only in India, but world wide. In places like USA, Europe and China, the ‘Niche’ is much much wider than in India. Lounge is a genre of music that can never be mainstream, and it is good that way. Lounge music is made specifically for people who appreciate good music and want to experiment with different forms of fusion. It is also meant for people who enjoy listening to music on great music systems and take pride in buying CDs rather than downloading. This is the reason why packaging of lounge music is much better and elaborate than regular pop or film music CDs. Hence there has been no effort from my side to make it more mainstream, although it is always nice if more and more people listen to my music. A musician makes his music so that people can listen to it and appreciate it.. so it is my endevour too. I want to make good music and please people with it. Also, it is very important that the right audience listens to it.. who will appreciate it.
About Baa Maleye Baa remix. It was a remix of an already popular song.. so such songs are bound to do well, because the tune has already become familiar to the audience.

I have been receiving offers from Bollywood on a regular basis. The only problem is that every contract requires me to relocate to Mumbai for a specific period of time during production. I have absolutely NO plans of leaving Bangalore, except if its a holiday. It is because of this insistance that I have not been able to accept projects. Jatinji (from the great pair- Jatin Lalit- DDLJ, Kuch Kuch hota hain, K3G, Fanaa, etc) has been a great friend/older brother/mentor to me. I even help him set up his new studio in Mumbai, and give him tech support whenever required.

To answer your third question:
Jingles: Working on jingles is great. Since I usually work on 1 jingle a day.. it is like a ‘Work out’ for my musical skills. One day I do a ‘Tamil Folk Jingle’.. next day I do a ‘Gigipada’ Style, next a ‘Hip Hop’ then ‘Rock’ then after a few days a ‘Chinese folk’…. then ‘Flemenco’. So the experience varies every time I set out to do a jingle and that is the greatest learning experience. My vast knowledge on various genres of music is completely Owed to doing jingles for the past 5 years. Today my team ‘Raveolution Studios’ is considered to be one of the leading (if not the leading) jingle and advertising music production house in India.

International Work: Working with international record labels is great because they give you complete artistic freedom which is non existent in India. They treat you as artists and promote your music very well in their countries. I have got tremendous amounts of exposure because of this. I get huge amounts of fan mail from people in Israel, USA, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, China, Russia, Germany, etc on a daily basis which is very heart warming. It is frustrating though, that the same music is not appreciated in my own country.. and this is only because of the stupid, visionless record companies here. Also the fact that I have many more fans in a small country like Poland than in India!!

Kannada Film Industry: I Thoroughly enjoy composing for Kannada films. I am finishing my second film and moving to the third soon. For films, I prefer to work on only one film at a time, and work on the next only after fully completing the previous one. The Kannada film industry is a great industry to work in and I would not leave it to do anything else. I am indeed fortunate that I have gained acceptance with my first film and would work hard and strive to gain even more acceptance and retain whatever little respect I have achieved. I also enjoy composing for films because the canvas is huge and the audience is very vocal about their likes and dislikes. Also, it is a matter of great responsibility to do anything creative for a mainstream audience. You have to entertain no matter what, and that is a challenge.

Question 6,7,8,9:

Vatsayana : I want you talk about few things, going in an ascending order (the last gets the highest importance)
1) “Inspired by” – when they say this song is “inspired by” ‘blah’ song .. 
does it only based on situation or the raag-base or the tune or just changing the orchestra and instruments? what is your take on this. I would prefer to listen 2 a song which gets truely inspired rather than getting influenced … its like we want to follow Gandhi but we can not become a photo copy of Gandhi!

2) In india the popular movie songs either come from Bollywood or south India. Though most of the south Indians like the bollywood commercial music bits we still listen to the songs which belong to so called “south indian Genre”… Why?? are we obsessed?

3) “generating the genre” – how tough is to introduce a new genre? have
you ever tried. Genre is always from the classics – they say pop, jazz
.. why not “rick” ???!!! 

4) The important one: Why do you see very less Private Album tracks getting generated from South India?


Ricky : Hi Vatsa,
Thanks so much for your question..

‘Inspired by’ is a very loose term which is often mis-used by artists, especially ‘Music Directors’ in India.
Sometimes we listen to songs by our legends, and to pay homage to them- we create a song like how they would create it. That to me would be an ‘Inspired by’ track. A good example of this would be the track ‘Tere Bina’ by AR Rahman from ‘Guru’. This is inspired but definitely not copied from ‘Dum mast’ of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. AR Rahman in many interviews said that he is a great fan of ‘Nusrat Fateh’. It must have been due to this admiration that he was compelled to make ‘Tere Bin’ as a Homage of respect to the great artist ‘Nusrat Fateh’.

Actually, I do not know how to answer your second question, because I do not agree with you. I have always felt that the more south one moves from Jammu, the more open minded people are about music and genres. I feel South Indians listen to the most varied forms of music in the whole of India. This is the reason why the best musicians and sound technicians are from South India. Even if we look at Kannada film songs in the past 2 years.. we have grown in Leaps and Bounds. Music is extremely fresh and cannot be categorized in South or North Indian music. Infact, many times while I am listening to a song on the radio.. and the Introduction BG of the song is playing.. I have a tough time identifying weather the song is a Hindi or Kannada song till the lyrics portions start. 

About genres.. now a days, there are no clear cut genres.. every song is 2 or three genres mixed together. For example a song like Dheem Dheem (accident) has the ‘Dheem Dheem’ portion which is ‘Hindustani Classical’ harmonized in a western classical choral way., then the beat is ‘Hip Hop’, the Guitars are ‘Acoustic rock’, the Orchestra and Violin BGs are western Classical. Infact the second BG the violin starts in a Western classical style and moves into Carnatic Classical. The end alaaps are Hindustani Classical and there are 2 Key changes under these alaaps which is never done in Hindustani Classical. It sounds confusing.. but it is a mish mash of several genres. Probably you could call ‘Dheem Dheem’ a ‘Rick’ genre.. as you have mentioned.. but this would not be true.. because as you can see above.. every element can be attributed to an already existing genre of music. Its best that we do not call music by Genres, but just have 2 classifications for music… which are 1) Good Music, 2) Bad Music !

or another way.. if you are too confused.. is to just call everything ‘Fusion Music’!

About Private albums: Private albums do not get any funding. Even in Mubai, private albums are not working anymore. in 2008, KK, Hariharan, Abhijit Sawant, Saru Maini, Shradha Pandit, Shweta Pandit, Adarsh Shrivastav, Leslie Lewis, Rabbi Shergil, Neeraj Shridhar, Boby, etc released their albums. Did you even hear about any one of these albums?? I gues not. Fact is, these albums are not getting any funding for promotional activities. Even Sonu Nigam released an album in Mumbai called ‘Classically Mild’ which did not create a mark.
Films on the other hand get all the funding required. They play on television, Radio gives alot of airplay, etc.
You may say ‘if it is good music, it will sell’.. but that is not true. If there is a good album in stores.. you will buy it only on the basis of you yourself knowing that it is good music. Now, how will you know if it is good.. the only way is by hearing it. How will you hear the album if Radio and TV is not playing it at all.. because of lack of funding??
Also, previously people used to buy independent albums to hear something different from usual film music. Now a days, film music has become so good and diverse (in Bollywood and sandalwood) that no one needs to buy or listen to something different. That is one of the reasons independent albums died a natural death.

After having said all this.. I am going to try and change this.. you will be hearing from me very soon.. I am working on a great project.. which hopefully will change the scenario of Independent music (hopefully.. with your support!)

Question 10:

Yashika Raj : What’s your next project? Are you comfortable in Sandalwood or any plan of bollywood.

Ricky: Hi Yashika; Thanks alot for your question..
To answer your questions briefly..
My next movie is a comedy/thriller by Ramesh Aravind called ‘Venkata in Sankata’. I am starting another film shortly.. will give you details on that as soon as the director and production team make a formal announcement.
About Sandalwood and Bollywood, I am very comfortable in Sandalwood.. and would not leave this industry for anything. I have already answered this question in detail above 🙂

Question 11:

snabhi : (me) : How much of music is programmed and How much music is really played using instruments in the kind of albums made by you.. (english albums) ?When do you choose which ways to go ?

Ricky : Hi Dude, I can answer this question only on behalf of how I make music. The way I make music, everything depends on the song itself.. what the song demands. Sometimes the song has many layers of live instruments, sometimes none. Examples of my music would be:

1) Baa Maleye Baa: 90% Live
2) Ninade Ninade: 50 % Live
3) Jigidu Banthu: 0 % Live
4) Dheem Dheem: 90% Live
5) Friendship: 30 % Live
6) New track in Venkata in Sankata with M.D. Pallavi: 100 % Live
so, it varies from song to song. For some song concepts, it does not make any sense to do anything live.. and for some concepts.. programming will sound bad or mediocre.

Question 12:

Mirage.jan26 (pallavi): great questions….now ricky has a tough task to answer!!!

My question is nowadays all music directors are also doing play back singing wats ur take on it?

Ricky : Hi Pallavi,

Great to hear from you.. after the accident launch!!
To answer your question..
Its great that music directors sing on their own tracks.. it gives them an identity.. and brings them into the public eye. Its a great PR exercise too.
I have tremendous respect for singers.. and music directors who are singers because they can do something that I could never do.
I have always believed that we must do what we can do well.. and leave all other departments to people who are better than us at doing it. Hence, by this theory- I will not sing, because thee are far better singers in the industry than me.
At the end of the day, its all about making a great track. So, if making a song a great song means me not singing it.. and getting a great singer to sing it…. so be it!

Question 13,14,15,16: 


1) How do music directors select the singers for particular songs? Will it depends upon mood or actor or producer or director? Who Will have full rights to select singers??

2) Who is your favourite singer male and female both?
3) With whom you want to work with ? (Singer)
4) Commercial Question: What is the renumeration of Sonu Nigam in Kannada??


1) Choice of singer depends entirely on the song and the situation.. different types of songs suit different singers. About who has the final say.. I can only tell you what happens in my case, while I am music director and Ramesh is Director. In our case Ramesh trusts me completely and gives me the final say. This is because he trusts that I would do the right thing.
Having said this, I have also heard stories from other music directors about how producers sometimes insist on using Bollywood singers. I am not against Bollywood singers.. I think that they are fantastic, but just adding them because they are famous does not make any sense to me. They have to suit the song and the situation.
It is great to give the final say to the Music Director, but at the same time the Music Director must take suggestions of the Director seriously, because the film is always the Directors vision.. and the music director must make the music fit into that vision.

2) My favorite singers Male: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan.
Female: Pallavi M.D (technically best female singer in India), Chaitra H.G., Mahalaxmi Iyer

3) Whom I want to work with: I have worked in India with whoever I wanted to work with- Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Ustad Sultan Khan, Pallavi M.D., Chaitra, etc.. Abroad I want to work with singers like Bjork, Anne lennox, Enya, Sting and Gary Barlow.

4) About Sonu Nigams Remuneration: I only know how much he charges me, and that is lesser than what he normally charges.. I do not think it would be ethical of me to disclose the amount. So, let Sonu or his manager disclose the amount if they find it necessary to do so. I am really sorry about not being able to answer your question. I assure you, it is not nearly the extremely exaggerated amount that was printed once in Bangalore mirror.

Question 17:

sunny_raju: What is your take on remixes? good for music?

Ricky : Remixes if done well and tastefully can increase the popularity of a song and can reach it out to newer audiences. A bad remix on the other hand can destroy a great song completely.

Baa Maleye Baa:
In case of this song, Ramesh and me knew that we had a great track in hand. We knew this song was going to do well.. and I had worked very hard on it. I knew radio was going to play it.. TV was going to play it.. but the question that was bothering me was ‘How do I get DJs in clubs to play it?’
That was when I decided to remix the track and put it on the album. Everyone in the production team was sceptical about this move, but I insisted and even Ramesh agreed that this was a great idea.
After the release, The remix was played (and still is being played) across every club in Bangalore, including clubs which normally never play Kannada film music. Also Radio started playing the remix more than the original.. and the remix plays till today.. I heard it on radio city and fever today.
So in conclusion, a remix has to be done tastefully, retaining the feel of the original. If this is taken care of, remixing is great for a song.

Question 18,19,20,21:

vijay2421 : How do you Give chance to Singers? Based on Popularity or Craze, or Try out with New singers??? Coz you have made sung Sonu Nigam at your First movie itself? Is it that Producers want to Sing Popular Singers or they Hesitate Talented Local Singers who just needs an Opportunity to be in Limelight?

Whos your inspiration to take music as your profession?
How do you Rate Kannada Movies Music…?

Ricky: About choosing singers, I have already answered this question a few posts back..

But to answer your question briefly (in addition to the points already mentioned in previous posts)..
Singers- (and I am speaking only for my self as music director) are chosen only on the basis of the song and situation requirements.
Again, I will illustrate with examples based on my first movie- Accident
Baa Maleye Baa: It was a ‘Pathos’ song.. sung by protagonist remembering his dead wife. Singer had to have extremely good classical knowledge, and yet have a younger voice. The reason we needed a younger sounding voice was.. the song is heavy on classical elements and thus would have sounded like a song from the 70’s if we used a more mature sounding voice. So the only choice for this was Sonu Nigam.
Ninade Ninade: This was again a romantic song, but picturized on ‘Happy memories’ between lead couple. We needed a more mature voice for this song. This was a mature song between a grown up couple. It was very important that it should not sound like a teenage love song. Hence we got SPB to sing this song.
Friendship: Young energetic voices were required for this song. I used a guy called ‘Avinash Chebbi’. He is a ‘Jingle Singer’ and I have recorded close to 200 jingles with his voice. He is a Kannadiga settled in Mumbai (for only last 2 years) working with top music directors doing Jingles. He was perfect for this song, so I got him to sing it. The Rap voices were done by a popular singer in the Tamil film industry called ‘Devan’ and a collegue of mine in Singapore called ‘Ben Johnson’ who is a popular rap artist internationally. Avinash is someone to watch out for. He has sung the title track for Venkata in Sankata.. and I am sure its going to do extremely well.
Dheem Dheem: Dheem Dheem was a very tough song to sing. Required the right emotions and the chord structure of the song was quite complicated. If you listen to the last 30 sec, you will notice there were 2 distinct key changes, and the singers had to improvise over this. I knew that Sonu would be the only person who could handle the male voice. I wanted Pallavi M.D. to do the female voice, but unfortunately she was in London.. and Ramesh needed the tracks urgently for the shoot. So I recorded Mahalaxmi Iyer (who is extremely good at classical vocals) who did a great job.
Jigidu Banthu: Was the toughest song for me to find a singer. We rejected many vocal takes. Ramesh and I were very clear, that we did not want the voice to sound like a heroine singing. It had to sound like a ‘Classy’ bar singer. After trying out many new voices in Bangalore and many known voices in Mumbai.. I called Chaitra. We worked really hard. I got her to sing the entire song 1 octave lower than normal.. then we got her to sing it in 2 layers, and then whisper the whole track at normal pitch. I took these takes and I merged them with alot of work on the computer.. and that is what you hear on the final CD. For the male voice I felt Kunal would be perfect. We have been friends from a long time. He did a great job.. and was also kind enough to come to Bangalore for the audio launch to sing this song live.
I hope this gives you an Idea of how singers are chosen for songs.
About Producers involvement in choosing singers, I have already answered that in a previous post
My inspiration are many.. they are very varied- you can check up these artists on the internet if you have not heard them- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Zakhir Hussain, Jatin Pandit, Peter Gabriel, Thievery Corporation, Shankar Mahadevan, Timbaland, Hanz Zimmer, John Willians, morricone, BT, Coldplay, Moby, Vangelis, Radiohead.. 
In Karnataka, I feel Hari Krishna is a fantastic music director and truly deserves all the success he is seeing now.
About Kannada films.. I think they are coming of age. Films are being made on newer subjects.. younger people are now joining films, more younger people are getting ambitious about joining films as crew (behind the camera) rather than just wanting to become actors. Now a days we have younger directors, editors, story/dialogue writers, music directors which is a great sign. People are ready to try out new things and experiment with subjects and with new technology.
I am into alot of foreign cinema and watch alot of French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Middle eastern cinema.. mainly art cinema. I watched ‘Gulabi Talkies’ the other day at PVR and I was shocked to see such quality film making. This was comparable or even better than any art house movie from the regions I mentioned above. I would even say, if marketed properly.. this film could have easily won an oscar. This shows the potential that the Kannada film industry has in making a mark internationally and nationally.

Question 22,23:

Bharath_A :  the songs are more prioritized to bollywood singers, y not sandalwood singers like hemanth, rajesh krishna etc??? i m more confused on it, is this because of directors, producers pressure?? how u got introduced to kannada industry??

Ricky : I have answered your question on ‘Choice of singers’ in my previous posts..

About local singers- I understand that Rajesh and Hemanth are fantastic and talented singers.. but they cannot sing every single song made.
Till today I have not made a song that will work for their voices, Hence I have not used them.
Having said that.. they are not the only singers in Bangalore. Local singers like Chaitra, Pallavi and few others are doing well. There are songs that Chaitra and Pallavi can sing that no one in Bollywood can match up to.. hence music directors like me understand this and request them to sing.
In Accident I have used alot of Bollywood singers, but in Venkata in Sankata, I did not find the need to use any Bollywood singers. I have introduced a new singer in ‘Venkata in Sankata’.. who is going to be the talk of the music industry soon.
Also, why should we have just two male singers in Karnataka that everyone keep talking about (Rajesh and Hemanth). Do you mean to say there is no more talent here? I think there is alot of talent. No one bothers to promote or bring out new talent. I also planning to do a statewide talent hunt very soon to identify this talent and make them sing in my forthcoming movies.
About how I got introduced to the Kannada Film Industry.. I have answered this in detail in a previous post.

Question 24:

Prathiba Rani : Hello Ricky .. What z ur future plan for the Kannada Film Industry ? and also kindly guide the upcoming talents the way to prove their talents and the required preparations to be done before approaching ?

Ricky : About my future plans in the Kannada Film Industry: I have decided to work only on one film at a time, and only after completing one film in totality, move on to the next. This way I can keep my Director happy and maintain quality to the highest standards. Also, I wont get burnt out really fast and repeat the same tunes in all my films. I want to work on great films and give them my best. I want to be known as a ‘Quality’ Music director, who tries his best and delivers each time.

About new comer- singers: first and most important thing is to get a Demo CD ready. Walk into any studio and record a demo of about 4 songs in different styles. Convert this to an MP3 and distribute among music directors and producers. Also, It is important to get trained well. To become an engineer or doctor, you spend 4 years studying.. why cant people spend only a year learning music? this is also a profession. It is extremely important to treat this as a profession and work hard.. wake up on time, go for recordings on time.. eat the right food.. stop smoking, etc.
Perseverance is extremely important in this profession. Many people will reject a singer because talent is very subjective. Some people may like a singer, many others may hate the same singer. It is upto a new comer to find his/her right market, right music directors and right choice of songs. Its upto the singer to work hard and constantly towards achieving their goal.

Question 25,26:

Bharath (huccha) : 1)What is your view on *Piracy Kills Music* ? You people work so hard to make some music and 70% of people use it for free?? Does this affect the music director carrier? 

2)Do you have any plans for making album in kannada?? After seeing few hits in Kannada album??

Ricky : 

‘Piracy Kills Music’ only in the west. Here in India, Record companies kill music. Record companies pay no royalties to artists, they do nothing to promote music and only take, but don’t give. Pirates atleast appreciate music and spread it.. giving publicity, but record companies do not do even that much. I have no problem whatsoever with someone listening to my music for free.. because weather someone listens to my music for free or by buying a CD, I make no money anyway!
A royalty system has to be implemented effectively in India to reduce piracy. This way even musicians would help in curbing piracy. Right now musicians don’t give a damn, because they are not making money anyway.
In the west it is different. For all my albums and songs released in foreign countries.. royalty statements are sent promptly every 6 months followed very quickly by the check or wire transfer of money. This encourages me more to do good music.. and work harder collaborating with more musicians to make the quality of music better.
Yes, as I had mentioned in my previous posts I do plan to make a Kannada album, and if all goes well, then there will be 2 such albums out by February next year. Both are going to be very unique in ‘Musical Content’ and I am going to try out things that have never been done before in the Kannada Music Industry. I hope to get all your support in these ventures.

Question 27:

Riyaz : whats the diffeence between kannada movies and other langauage movies you find?

Ricky : Now a days, actually, there is not much of a difference between Kannada movies and other language movies..

Subjects in Kannada movies are getting as diverse as any other language movies.. also technically, we are improving by leaps and bounds..
Technicians, Singers, Actors, Actresses, etc are now being shared between industries which is a great learning experience for all the industries involved. At the end of the day.. according to me, a film is as good as its story or screenplay. Irrespective of its budget and technical brilliance, if you have a bad story.. even a 50 crore budget film will fall flat. The Kannada film industry has been successful at generating hits at equal intervals as any other industry in the world.. which shows that this industry is as successful as any other.

Question 28,29:

Vinaywestcoast: I have always fought with many people regarding stealing tunes from other’s work. 

How do you feel if any one copies your Hard work (Composed Tune) ? What makes people copying them ? Why do they call it as an “Inspiration” ? “Music is all about Creativity”

Ricky : Now your question on ‘Inspiration’ vs ‘Copy’.. has already been answered by me in a previous post.
About what makes people copy- it could be pressure from Director of producer (which is the case at many times), could be that the music director has completely run out of ideas, or could be that he has taken up too many films at a particular point of time and needs to deliver fast.

Another reason could be ‘Completely by mistake’

There is a term in Psychology called as ‘Cryptomnesia’ which is basically ‘subconsciously doing something concerned with art which is similar to something done before.. but the artist himself does not realize the origin’
This happens quite often, where a music director comes up with a tune.. and it sounds good.. but he himself feels that he has heard it before.. but not sure where..

Paul McCartney was the victim of this. He was a former member of one of the greatest bands of all time ‘The Beatles’ . Arguably the most popular track ever of the Beatles was ‘Yesterday’. 
According to biographers of McCartney and The Beatles, McCartney composed the entire melody in a dream one night in his room at the Wimpole Street home of his then girlfriend Jane Asher and her family. Upon waking, he hurried to a piano, turned on a tape recorder, and played the tune to avoid letting it slip into the recesses of his mind.
McCartney’s initial concern was that he had subconsciously copied someone else’s work (cryptomnesia). As he put it, “For about a month I went round to people in the music business and asked them whether they had ever heard it before. Eventually it became like handing something in to the police. I thought if no-one claimed it after a few weeks then I could have it”!
Upon being convinced that he had not robbed anyone of his melody, McCartney began writing lyrics to suit it. As Lennon and McCartney were known to do at the time, a substitute working lyric, entitled “Scrambled Eggs”, was used for the song until something more suitable was written. McCartney recalled: “So first of all I checked this melody out, and people said to me, ‘No, it’s lovely, and I’m sure it’s all yours.’ It took me a little while to allow myself to claim it, but then like a prospector I finally staked my claim; stuck a little sign on it and said, ‘Okay, it’s mine!’ It had no words. I used to call it ‘Scrambled Eggs’.”
It was later in 1965 that Paul Mccartney wrote the lyrics and named the track ‘Yesterday’.. which them became a success worldwide.. and is today one of the most successful songs ever recorded in history.
So, Paul Mccartney took so much pains to ensure that his song was not copied, even by mistake. Imagine if our music directors went through such lengths to ensure originality!!

Question 30,31:

Shrikrishna:  Where you find more comfortable? While doing any album or directing any movie?

While directing music to any movie or album which you feel should come first? Lyrics or tune?
Final one… specific to you:
What is your vision with respect to music is concern? Where you want to be in next 10-15 year 🙂

Ricky : About your first question on what I prefer.. I have already answered this question in detail in a previous post.

Your second question.. I feel music has to come in first. It is very important that the emotion of the situation is captured first musically.. and then the words come in. I believe that the tune establishes about 75% of a situation and emotions.. the words just accentuate it.. and make the emotions more recognizable and direct. Also, technically.. it is easier and better to write words to a tune, rather than compose music to a lyrics. By writing words to a tune, everything comes out perfect.. the meter.. flow.. emaotions.. everything can be taken care of perfectly.

Question 32,33,34,35,36:

Siddugowda : 1. If u Had not been a Music Director, What Would You have been..?

2. Who is Your Favorite Music Director..?
3. Who r your Favorite Stars..?
4. Your Future Projects..?
5. How Do u Categorize the Music of Accident Movie,,?

Ricky : here are my responses..

1) If not a music director.. I would have been done nothing!
2) My favorite internationally are Peter Gabriel and Timbaland, In India- Jatin Lalit, In Karnataka- Hari Krishna
3) Stars- All actresses world wide
4) Venkata in Sankata- Audio Launch expected in Dec end. Another film which I will be starting next week. Will give you more details in a few days
5) Accident can be categorized as ‘World Music’



Hi Everyone,

Thanks alot for your questions.. looks like I have answered everything.
Thanks so much for all the compliments. I had fun answering your querries. 
The questions were very good.. and made me think alot too..

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About Maja Maadi.. I think this is a great effort by Abhishek.. He is doing alot for the industry and we must all give him a big pat on the back. He does all of this purely for his love for the industry and with absolutely Zero vested interests. He is a great guy.. and am sure he is going to go places with his work. I will visit this forum as often as my work would permit me to do so.. anyway, I am sure that Abhishek will give me all the updates necessary.

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