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Anthu Intu Preethi Banthu

Anthu Intu Preethi Banthu

After my return from Western Europe Honeymoon, I felt it was long time since i saw a movie. Incidentally, Aditya Babu’s (who had been my good friend since recent times over internet) movie was released. He was the Hero and even the producer of the movie. My favourite actress Ramya was the heroine of this movie too. I had no plans of missing this movie. So myself and Aditya Babu decided to go to the movie together. I had promised that I would meet him at 1.15pm at the theatre on Saturday. The show was at 1.30pm.

But due to my other appointments, I could not keep up the exact time. This was the first time I was going to meet Aditya Babu personally. Unfortunately, even the traffic signals came in between to delay our meeting. Aditya was so sweet a person, that he was waiting for me near the entrance since 1pm i guess. I reached the theatre at exactly 1.30pm. So we rushed into the theatre as soon as I came.

It was really nice to watch the movie with a person who has contributed for the kannada film industry and hero/producer of the same movie, that too with a down to earth person like Aditya and above that, watching the movie with a friend was fun.

Coming to the movie, First of all hats off to the Team for producing an entertaining and interesting movie. Iam not bothered at this point of time whether its a remake or a swamake. My only concern when i watch a movie is, it should be error free and well shot. Good god, it was so. Secondly hats off to the producer for choosing my favourite heroine as the heroine of the movie. Ramya has done an excellent job on screen and looks simple, beautiful and gorgeous too.

The story of the movie is of a middle class youth, who is an unemployed software engineer. He is unemployed just because of the under performance of the hero in the interviews. Later he falls in love with Ramya who is a senior software engineer and because of the love, he succeeds in passing all the interview rounds of the company. The story is carried on from here in an interesting fashion with a mix of comedy and good twists which are error-free 🙂 !

Srinivasamurthy, Rangayana Raghu entertain people through their justified roles. Songs are melodious and dont go out of memory soon. The picturization of songs are excellent in foreign locations and that is may be because of Ramya being on screen also! LOL !

Aditya Babu is still an Amateur in acting field, but has done a great job off-screen. He was not feeling well when he watched the movie with me. He kept waiting for me to say Bye, while I was on phone, though he had all reasons to leave the place! That shows how sweet he is! 🙂 Be the same dude.. you have a long way to go.
All the best to AIPB !