Inthi ninna preethiya – A Technical Masterpiece

Posted: March 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Inthi ninna preethiya

-A Review

This is a wonderful masterpiece. I knew SURI would really do such a great movie.. I kept repeating until the movie released, that It would be a wonderful movie. There was a mixed response on DAY 1 which made me feel its not that great movie. But going in to the theatre with less expectations helped me find a WONDERFUL movie in INTHI NINNA PREETHIYA !

The theme of the movie Duniya was : “Yaar Gori melu yaak sathru antha bareyolla”
The theme of this movie is that everything is dependent upon VIDHI . and some twists in life and some incidents which happen in our life, we would never get to know the reason… the reasons would have died… thats so true in fact.

Passionate movie lovers who love to see great editing and great camerawork should never miss the movie. The characters shown in the movie are really REAL LIFE characters… Such characters everyday li fe would be so very irritating.. Director has succeeded in showing such IRRITATING personality, reasons for choosing such a life, TRANSISTION he takes to become better, the characters that he comes across in this saga.

The movie doesnt start off with the story.. Director takes more than half hour to show the characterization and properties of each character and he is does it very impressively.. He doesnt show the character within the continious story.. He shows sequences by sequences which are not much related to the story and explains each character.

Sonu, Srinagar Kitti are lovers who are in deep love. Cant explain their kind of love in writing for sure..  .. Kitti and the girl’s bro are good friends. Kitti is a painter taking up a painting course and he helps rangaayana raghu whose job is to perform last rights to all Dea d bodies which have no owners. The sequences where a friend who is always drunk and keeps asking for money and kitti scolding him for this.. and later he only undergoes such a situation… have been shown very impressively. At that stage, even the friends whom he helped before not caring about his LIFE, also start ignoring him. Love dissapoint scenes are shown in a never before seen way. He starts to lead his life in BARS all the time. Life take a lots of twists from here and later it ends up in CLIMAX which explains the theme very well. Climax is not that punching. But obviously that is the correct climax for the movie rather than forcefully showing some sad -ve climax to punch people’s hearts.

Acting by each artist is exceptional.. Kishore as angry brother of hero and Kitti as the hero is very impressive. Sonu (whose name itself makes me feel impressed for some personal reasons), does justice to her role being lively in first half and helpless in the second half. Never seemed to me that, it was her first movie and there is a sure scope for improvement in future.  She  has given what was needed, i suppose.
Rangaayana Raghu was the best choi ce for the character he has done. No one else could have managed it that well in the current supporting actors list. His character is also ended pretty well by the director.
Bhavana is usual with simple and good acting.

The EDITING, LIGHTING and CAMERAWORK is the best part of the movie. The level of Editing excellence shown in rare to be seen in high budget north indian movies also. Cameraman has to be given an award for such a complex camerawork in small places like bar store rooms. Action scenes are very less.. Kitti excels in what he has to do in Action scenes.

Its totally a movie for PEOPLE WHO LOVE “MAKING” of MOVIES and for people who love “CLASS” movies. Not really for people who need “ONLY” FUN in the movie!

SURI has done an amazing job and he has proved himself in his directorial venture.. But its really hard to say it would become a superhit… depends on hte people;s mood and also the amount and kind of publicity it would get from here on.


  1. Harsha says:

    Yes Indeed the Movie is made with technical Expertise

  2. sam says:

    Excellent review abhishek! Even i was very impressed by the movie. Wonder why ppl didnt want to watch such movies, may be everyone loves only dreams..

  3. chandan says:

    excellent movie..excellent camera work..great songs..guess movie didnt click due to excess drinking scenes..but movie really touches heart..its a class movie..

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