Gaalipata Gimmick – A Funny Review

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Maja Maadi

Nana makklu.. ee movie noDi already 24 hours aaythu
innu idhu yaava concept mele maadiro movie antha yochane maaDadre, THALEge yenenenenenenenenooooo hoLiyatthe!
No.1 ! I thought this is a fun filled story… Movie start aagode FUN inda,… Fitting iDodrinda..
Aadre adhu yellu Continue aago haage kaaNalla…
Mungaru Maleli Ganesh Amma aagiddlalla Sudha.. Illu avaLe amma…. paapa gani ! Aadre Appa Jai Jagadeesha, Ganeshanna BADDI MAGANE antha bayydiddakke, Ganesha avananna oDisi, Rangayana Raghu-na APPA antha select maaDbiTTidaane.. Yograj Bhat directoru.. avananna M.L.A bere maaDbiTru.. Ondu dinanu Vidhaana Soudhada hesare yetthalla antheeni.. I think aa timealli.. eega irotharaane SARKAARAne iraLilvo yeno.,. Adakke haage, avanu M.L.A aadru yenu chinte illa cyclops
No.2 ! Paapa Ananth Nag and Padmaja Rao YOUNG PAIR illu continue aagidhe.. (from Mungaru male). Aadre avarige Mungaru Maleli obbaLe magaLu.. aadre, illi paapa.. sariyaagi care thogonDilla.
3 DAUGHTERS hutti biTTru !!! Sad aadre 3 girlsu heroine level tharadavareeene.. adakke ANANTH NAGge avaranna noDi KAYYI KAALU aaDade, WHEEL CHAIR mele PERMANENT aagi SETTLE aago program ready maaDkonDirthaane.

No.3! Swalpa hotthaadmele gothaaythu nange.. Ee STORY is based on PIG HUNTING antha.. yenu!! PIG HUNTINGaa… idyaava hosa shoki… ?? hmm.. ThinDi potha Gani, handhi baalakke aase paTTaaga, avana Taatha, HUNTER veshadalli and Ananth Nag Wheel chair thaLkonDu PIGna SHOOT maaDakke hogthaare… doDDDDDDAAAAAAAA rifle thogonDu !!! aadre they cant hit it.. After this they go 3 times to CATCH THE bloody pig… avagavaaga BACKGROUNDalli “drrrr.. brrrr.. drrrrr. brrrr” antha SOUND effects bere maaDi hedarisatthe PIGu !! But after second half, THIS MOVIE is NOT ABOUT PIG HUNTING antha gothaaythu !!

No.4 ! Oh.. may be this movie is a COMEDY movie magaa.. antha ankoLo hoTTige.. GANESHA.. long looong DIALOGUESna MUNGARU MALE Stylealli heLi heLi heLi heLi irritate maaDo levelge bandhu nillisthaane!!
So its not a COMEDY movie also !!

No 5. PIG hunting SEQUENCE stop aadaaga onthara RELIGIOUS bhaavanena mooDisakke TRY maaDidaare DIRECTORuu .. aadre sikkapatte nagu baratthe.. chappale thatkondu nagabeku.. haage aagatthe SEQUENCE noDadre… A.K.47 alli DAAWOODge SHIVARAJKUMAR GUN hidiyo haage, ANANTHANAGA illi ondu GRRRRRRRRRRRR… antha baro ondu small handi marige GUN hidiThaane… aadre SHOOT maaDalla.. YAAKE andre adara kaNNalli Mr.Vishnu (GOD) kaaNasthaane avanige. So VARAAAHA avataar ankonDu silent aagBittirthaane.. ishTu hotthige avanu WHEEL CHAIRinda yeddu oDaaDo levelge bandubiDthaane within a second.. So WHEEL CHAIRna yaargo Maari bittu, banda duDDalli ondu PEG haakthaane!

No 6 ! Lo.. IDHU PAKKA LOVE STORY kano ankonDe.. But there were 3 guys.. 3 girls.. So IT shud be 3 love stories antha gothaaythu!!DUET songs yella “TREE” suttho Choreography! yenu kick illa picturusations.. all the 3 pairsge ondodhu DUET song koTbiTidaane YOGARAJA!First love story : Rajesh Krishnananna ondu hudugi 8 years love maaDi aadmele, kayyi kottu 1 year aagiratthe. so mola Devdas thara, Rajesh Krishnanu maLe barthaa irovaaga DAM hathra koothu Shivappa kaayo thande antha haaDu heLthirthaane. Aaga heroine avananna LOVE maaDthaaLe. But later avaLige gothaaguttha Ex-Lovebagge. So Rajesh Krishnan avana STATE of MINDna explain maaDisthaane influential personna CATCH haaKbiTTu, avara hathra. So ibbara MADUVE ready aagatthe!

Idhu ondu love storyna.. Hogli namma DIGANTH love storyli yeno kathe iratthappa antha noDadre.. heege..

Hudugi sikkapatte kopishTe.. SALIVAda abhishekaana bandavarigella maaDi hogthaaLe.. yavaaglu PANT and SHIRT haakothaaLE. haaDalli swalpa expose bere maaDthaaLe. ivaLu yellrannu bayykondu, HEROnu bayythaaLe. aaga HERO avaLna love maaDthaane. aaga hogi avaLanna FULL FORCEalli HUGGGG maaDbidThaane. aaga ibbarigu MADUVE aagatthe!!

Ahha… yen love story guruve.. thu… idakke saliva abhishekaa maaDlebeku eega.. but wait wait.. GANESHana LOVE story kaDe swalpa gamana koDi.. alli yenooo idhe!!

Daisy Bopanna SNAANA maaDi maaDi, full clean aagirthaaLe. Ganesh will get to see her BATHING (with full clothes) and he falls in love and sings duet also in his dream. But avaLige already maduve aagiratthe! BUT, THAALI kattisikonDu 2 hoursge HUSBAND goTak aagbiTTu BRAVERY AWARD thogonDirthaane. So DAISY remarriage beDa anthaaLe. adakke, GANESHA and DAISY GO FOR BOATING!!!
BOATINGge GANESHA karkondu hogidha takshaNa, avaLu I LOVE U andhe biDthaaLapaaaaa! Shocked
adakke sariyaagi ACCIDENT aagbiDatthe BOAT with ROCK. So yella NADHIGE biddu.. aamele YEDDU barthaare!!


I remember Yograj telling this :
ee picturealli SHIVANA SAMUDRAne MAIN villain !!

I really could not map what he meant, now! yaake andre, bcoz of the Shivana Samudra Waterfalls only, Diasy bopanna Says I LOVE YOU to Ganesha… Then Villain hegaaythu!!?

OHH OHHH .. eega gothaaythu nange.. MOSTLY… heege aagiratthe.
YOGRAJ BHAT loves DAISY BOPANNA behind the screen. So Daisy Bopanna I LOVE YOU andubiTlalla GANESHAnge Shivanasamudradalli..
adakke YOGRAJ director full URKONDU biTTu heegella heLbiTTidaane ansatthe!

Biddu horaLaadu

yella SARI
ee moviege GAALIPATA antha yaake hesaru !?? Shocked

Hogli bitbiDi paapa

Bari -ves badlu.. onderaDu +ves ive.. heLbiDtheeni..

Those who have done their jobs perfectly are :
1. CAMERAMAN and assistant cameramen.
2. SONU nigam .. singing 2 songs perfectly
3. GANESHA.. awesome COMEDY timing and sakkath ACTING.
ONderadu DIALOGUESalli KICK idhe.
Locations chennagidhe!!

  1. Chetan says:

    Good one abhi! you have given a nice fun filled review of the “fun filled” movie! Positives kooda haakbidu chennagiratte

  2. abhisheksn says:

    now i have put the +ves too chetan!

  3. shande says:

    very funny. eventhough ur review is funny, it’s implicitly very frank.

  4. swamy says:

    Nothing different in the movie , movie has some flip sides , but i guess movies are a means of entertainment and Gaalipata was a good entertainer.FULL PIASA VASOOOL. Ganesh dialogues delivery is awesome .Digant has done some good work , out and out its a entertainer MUST watch movie without any expectations

  5. Kannadakesari says:

    Good honest reviews Abhi. But you have come to any final conclusion about the movie. Whether you liked the movie?. How many starts etc. so that the readers would get the inspiration to watch it or not.

  6. prasad says:

    VK review is right. there is no story at all.
    ending was so silly, ill-logical. The movie kicks off with good start, but after sometime, we will be wondering what the hell is happening. The movie highlight the theme of loving and getting marriage is ultimate goal of life. what a great way to mislead the youth..! hats off. Let me give an ill-logical event of the movie: one of the hero, who is studying final year engineering (as shown in movie), had love failure 8 years back. that means he had love failure while in high-school level. so great!
    Good things to say about movie is beautiful locations shown, good songs & dilogues.

  7. Harsha S says:

    E filmge Sutravillada Gaalipata antha hesaridabekittu,

    yakendare ee film story ge Sutrane illa!!!

  8. abhisheksn says:


  9. Naveen says:

    Here is a reply for criticism by Groucho Marx. This applies to galipata as well, why do we need to look out for story in every movie. Cant a movie be good if it provides wholesome laughter with good music and picturisation for 3 hrs.

    Groucho Marx writes in 1959 about the state of the theatre and his not-very-flattering opinion of theatre critics:

    “I’m not going to defend critics. The fact is, I don’t know what purpose they serve. But whatever it is, they have the right to serve it in any man’s theatre, however disastrous the consequences. …

    “Somerset Maugham, in The Summing Up, was asked why he quit writing for the theatre. He said it was too difficult to please both the scullery maid sitting in the third balcony and the critic for the London Times. ‘I believe I can write for either one,’ he declared, ‘but I can’t please both. Their tastes are too dissimilar.’ …

    “Hokum and roughhouse laughter have virtually disappeared from the stage. There are scores of plays about miscegenation, … the beat generation, dypsomaniacs and hopheads, but there is very little fun left on the stage. I believe the absence of robust laughter is partially responsible for the present condition of the theatre. Most of the gaiety has been taken out of it, and it has been removed by the critics.

    “One prominent reviewer recently wrote about a play called Make A Million, starring Sam Levene. This is what he wrote: ‘This is not so much a review as a confession. I spent a good part of last evening laughing at a very bad play.’

    “There you have it. This critic laughed all evening, but finally decided it was ‘a very bad play.’ All it was supposed to do was make people laugh, and it succeeded. They didn’t announce that they were bringing in King Lear or Death of a Salesman. All they promised to deliver was a funny comedy–but that wasn’t good enough for this critic.”

  10. Suvarna says:

    Good review. Mugaru male nodi yeega “Gaalipata” nodidavarige swalpa nirashe Aagirutte ansutte. But each movie is unique. Same expectation itkondu hogabaaradhu. Any hit songs in the movie ? Ulidavara Acting hegide ? Reviews odida mele even i feel like watching the movie..

  11. shilpa says:

    Hee hee, nice review abhi ….

  12. Ashwin says:

    nice review abhi…. muktha manasininda thu antha movie na ogididiraa….
    GALIPATA CAPTION “Maanada mugilalli mohabat” antha yelli paradhe myale Kaage arisidare…
    VK Review is 100% true..

  13. Ashwini says:

    super aagide abhi…..tumba enjoy maad’de ee gaalipata da comments na odi…yograj bhat gu kalsu link na..avru odi kushi padli….ppl response na…hahahahaa

  14. Ashwin says:

    hey ashwini dont ask abhi to do such things…yograj bhattaru yenadru nodidare aste full benki akontharee…..anyway movie is not good as expected but why to hurt a director who as done a good job in the past(mungaru male)….this review is only to the readers…to watch or to support the movie is left to the individual…

    Jai karnataka…

  15. Vikram Gowda says:

    Hello Abhi,
    Naanu Gaalipata movie na nodilla.
    songs and some scenes na you tube nalli nodideeni.
    and i like them.
    Nimma comments tumba channagide, its fun to read that.
    aadre namma kannada davardu en problem andre, namma kannada chitradalli en problem ide annode huduktaare. ade bere bhaashe yavaru maadudre, ayyo maga , macha aa movie engide gotteno anta shuru achkotaare.
    alla sir, tamil telugu , hindi movies nalli onde jodi appa amma na part nalli bartaane irtaare. ade kannada dalli bandre namage eno ontara kashta.
    modle kannada movie nododu kashta namma jana, antadralli idu bere yaake guru.
    enappa inge bardavne anta anko bedi sir.
    eno annustu barde…

  16. manjunathkp says:

    Good Review. Enjoyed your dialogues more than Gani’s. I liked the movie. As expected, scene to scene were not jelling well. I m a big fan of Mungaru Male. Even in MM some of the scenes were not jelling well, but over all other things just simply made my mouth shut. One thing I liked about Yograj Bhat is the way he gives unpredictable climax and narrates so well. Even in Gaalipata I was getting irritated by the Pig, Hunting and eating the tail. But the way it turned, I liked that. That was a good message of not killing or Hunting animals (should send a movie ticket to Salman Khan also). I didn’t expect that Anant Nag will stand up and get back his legs. I liked that. But if you remember, Anant Nag also tells the story of how he lost his legs in the beginning. Its the same Pig(Kaad Handi, that too graphic one) which will take of his legs. Same Handi later gives him back his leg. So, its not necessary for him to be so much thankful. As u said, Gani sees Boppanna taking bath fully clothed (I don’t know what would have happened if he would have seen her bathing with out anything) its after this that he falls in Love with her. But at the end he tells to her that he loved her for her Silence, not for her beauty or body. Blody Lier. I don’t know why Gani and Boppanna were going along with the river in the teppa when they were supposed to go from one shore to another. One more thing very illogical was she says no very clearly without a ray of doubt in her mind even when every one in the family will be ready to fall to her feet to get her to Gani. She will have that much love to her dead husband and she also says that not one can take his place in her heart. But when she sees her earring with Gani every thing melts and her dead husband is kicked out of heart and Gani makes entry. I am not convinced with this scene at all. Or else I have lot more to know about women. Phewww… I was expecting unexpected and touching ending. Just like MM. I also tried to guess Yograj Bhats climax could be. I thought that again some kid will fall in the river while trying to fly the kite(remember, they get down the car after cing dracula and they go towards other side of the river to c kids flying kites). Gani jumps to river just like her ex husband. But he struggles and brings back the kid alive. And hence she melts for me. I would have convinced if it was anywhere closer to this. But what happens totally ruined everything. They go towards falls instead of going towards shore and further i don’t even want to discuss. It was meaningless. But definitely I will watch this movie again for its amazing cinematography. I just visited Kodachadri 2 months b4 the release of this movie. Its an amazing place and so beautifully captured. Hats of to the team for that.

  17. avinav says:

    nice reviews….perfect aagide…….these reviews says,nam bhatru ee film na gadibidiyalli maadiddare…….concept ne martidaare….50% useless dialogues….great wrk abhi..

  18. rekha says:

    I just saw the movie on Maja Maadi, was really bored but movie drove me crazy… Veey good review but i didnt understand so many things in the movie….

  19. karthik l bhat says:

    Nee’thu’ bari saliva abhisheka bereyavareege.. 🙂

  20. deepthi says:

    sakath review !!!!! with comedy abhisheka 🙂

  21. Shrikrishna says:

    awesome… last point anthu awesome… sivana samudra…!!!

  22. Vijay says:

    Ganesh_ge Daisy snaana maadi edd bandaadmele hege Love start aagutte…?

  23. Swaroop Gururaj says:

    ha ha.. haarakke antha hortiro gaaLipaTa na neat aagi baalangochi cut maaDi, iga haarsi noDana nan makkLa antha challenge maD’dangide 😛 kumbaarange varsha, doNNe hiDkonDonge nimisha 😀 but a very comical review indeed.. loved reading it..

  24. Anil says:

    Sakkath Review Abhi.

    To be frank this movie went well till 50 days just B’coz of Mungaru male image.. nothing in Gaalipata. Dabba Movie.

    Movie nodovaga maja barlila.. Nin review odhbekadre maja barthide.
    good entertainment Abhi

  25. pavankumar.v says:

    Sakathagidhe,what a review,movie noodidhakke ninna review olle maja kodthidhe.

  26. lakshmi says:

    execellentagide, pig huntinganthu super!!!

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